Tip Off


First post ever.  Alright!  Clap some rosin dust in the air and chest bump the accounts receivable guy to your right!  Fist pound if he works in payables.  Pfft.  Payables.

We’ve got a clean slate right now heading into the new year with no games last night.  Let’s take a quick look back at the 2008 part of the 2008-2009 NBA season.

PER Blowout – I love Metrics, and PER is one of the most popular for better or worse.  As of today LeBron James 2009 PER is #1 all time.  To put some perspective on that feat, until this year nobody except Wilt Chamberlain & Michael Jordan was in the top 7.  That is exclusive company.

Not only that, but Chris Paul is #14, the first player to break into the top 15 other than LeBron this year since Tracy McGrady in 2003.  AND Dwyane Wade is currently top 25 all time as well.  Nothing like that has happened before.  In fact that only other season with as many as 2 players in the all-time top 25 was 1996 with Jordan and David Robinson at #s 24 nd 25.  There’s still a lot of season to go, and they are all likely to slide some due to mid-year fatigue, but for the moment, dizzamn!

Records –

The Celtics set a new record by winning 27 of their first 29 and then prompty dropped 3 of 5.

Chris Paul broke Alvin Robertson’s record for consecutive games with a steal and is on pace to pass Stockton for the steals title in 2037.  Of course since he’s obviously a product of the John Stockton Robot Point Guard Processing Plant, it seems fairly likely that he’ll play until then.

We passed the record for coaches fired before the All-Star game about 3 weeks ago.

Brandon Roy, Danny Granger, and Joe Johnson each passed the Kobe Bryant “Keep your eye on this kid, cause boy does he have potential” record for going from humdrum All-Star qualifiers to bad muthaf—ers all in the first 20 or so games of this season.

Other 2008 Goodies-

Roy buzzerbeater from 30 feet.

Wade buzzerbeater from 27 feet.

Kobe miss against the Heat (don’t hate Kobe, but I sure hate the Lakers!).

LeBron moving off the ball and morphing into some sick combination of Doctor J and Shaquille O’Neal and ending that pesky best player in the league debate.  Right?

Phil Jackson’s strong side traps that nobody was ready for in the first 3 weeks.

Devon Harris developing a spinning fade off the dribble and becoming unguardable in the process.

Rajon Rondo leading the 3 HoF Celtics in Wins Produced – a fun Metric by Prof. David Berri (http://dberri.wordpress.com/).

Dwight Howard trying to block every shot and still leading the league in rebounds.

Garnett somehow increasing his intensity from last year and creating a hilarious scandal by slapping the floor, muttering to himself, and poking his finger near Jose Calderon’s mug.  Oh, geewillickers!  Where’s a cop when you need one?  Oh yeah…

Barkley’s DUI / BJ-run arrest, and the fact that Chuck didn’t learn from Kobe and keep his mouth shut around cops.  I still wonder if he thought he was talking to Olden Polynice in disguise.

Shaquille O’Neal rising from the dead to ruin my fantasy team by stealing all of STAT’s stats.  Carlos Boozer joining the dead to ruin my fantasy team’s other big man slot.

Derrick Rose making the Bulls relevant again.

OJ Mayo making the rookie of the year race relevant again.

D’Antoni convincing the Knicks to play basketball for the first time in about 5 years.

Kevin Durant’s move to forward where he’s starting to get it going the way we expected.

Mario Chalmers taking his 2nd round pick status out on every team he meets.

No more split screen commercials where guys with different-sized heads say the same thing at the same time.  How you gonna put Steve Nash and Tim Duncan together like that?  Man, just remembering that image makes me dizzy.

So much for a first try.  Our next post will feature a voice, a tone, and a topic!  Progress, here we come!


3 Responses to “Tip Off”

  1. Paul Says:

    One other thing to check is the combined record of the top 4 teams. Between them Boston, Cleveland, LA, and Orlando only have 20 losses. That’s got to be some kind of record this far into the season.

  2. jpalumbo Says:

    Good point!

  3. UNK Paw Says:

    Hey, just a look at Olden Polynice would make anyone confess!! I am thinking that Charles thought he could act cool with the cop and that would be enough to get out of trouble. Charles should realize that in Phoenix, he is a marked man. THey have gotten so much funding from him in the guise of speeding tickets & parking tickets that they would be foolish to lose their number one source of income.

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