Memphis, do you remember the time?


Memphis, do you remember Earl Watson? Do you remember Shane Battier? Do you remember Mike Miller? Do you remember Pau Gasol? Do you remember Lorenzen Wright? Do you remember tight-knit team defense and commitment to filling lanes and passing the ball? Do you remember when the problem was that nobody had the mentality to dominate the ball and take big shots? You won’t remember after next season!

I have a theory around why Memphis wanted Iverson. They needed a shooting guard so bound and determined to use every possession that he would force OJ Mayo to develop his point guard skills.

Honestly this team looks nothing at all like the 50 win squad coached by Hubie Brown. Randolph, AI, Mayo, Gay… they’ve got a productive 7 footer under the basket who may not see the ball until December (or which ever month Zach’s knee injury hits).

I’ve been an Iverson fan since his rookie year, and I wish nothing but the best to the fine fan of the Memphis Grizzlies. I hope everything works out this season, but I’d feel better if they had half the 2004 team mixed in with the new gunner-nation.


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