HoF Briefs


The inductees in a word:

Robinson – Faith
Stockton – Humility
Sloan – Grit
Stringer – Poise
Jordan – Pride

I loved Stockton’s speech. The poorly executed, self-deprecating humor, the plugs for Karl, the pride in his family (did you notice the one son who looked like Kirk Hinrich and had a slightly bitter look on face while Jordan spoke? Love it!)

Robinson and Sloan gave pretty much what we expected. The one an ebullient ministerial message of togetherness, the other an embarrassed acknowledgment of all the people who made it possible for him to be there.

Stringer was very impressive. All the hardships she overcame, and she barely batted an eye up there. Pure love of the sport and personal strength, and like Sloan and Stockton a lot of credit given to the people who helped along the way.

Jordan was a big mush. You can see how much the love and adulation mean to him. He was also typical Michael, using this opportunity to stick it to vanquished foes when he gave backhanded thank yous to them for motivating him to be his best. I liked the way he started though. When he wiped away the tears, he asked the crowd, “What don’t you know?” We didn’t need to know anything more. We just wanted to hear it in his words. And there it was, all the hyper-competitive need to win on display. And his threat to come back at 50… I’ll be first in line to buy the new jersey.


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