NBA Dribble Rule Change


Let’s be perfectly clear about this. Unequivocally, this is nothing more than a wording update to the rule so it reads correctly. For more than 50 years, every level and brand of basketball has allowed 2 steps after the gather of the ball. There is no controversy here. NONE. Anyone who tries to make a controversy out of it is doing so either to have something to talk about, or to complain about a league or sport they already dislike. I don’t see anyone up in arms that Little League, High School, College, or European teams take two steps before the shot or pass. It’s ridiculous that there actually be criticism of the NBA for fixing the wording of a long standing rule.

That is all.


One Response to “NBA Dribble Rule Change”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Alls I know is that this isn’t the game that Dr. Naismith meant for it to be when he nailed a peach basket to a peach tree and tossed a bunch of a peaches at it while wearing incredibly short Canadian shorts, possibly manufactured from some form of pressed peaches.

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