A New York Knicks State of Mind


“Wilson Chandler. Like it or not that’s the face of the franchise right now.”

“I seen LeBron’s contract! He’s coming. I tell everybody, I have seen that contract, and LeBron is coming to New York. We need him.”

“I don’t think we’ll get LeBron. We’ll get somebody. Maybe Chris Bosh.”

“Not Bosh. I’d rather have Amare.”

“At least Jordan Hill will get minutes.”

I was talking to a few guys on the subway, and those were the sentiments about the 2009-10 New York Knicks from three Knicks fans. For those concerned with racial bias they happened to be black, asian, and white – the white guy was the only one who might have been over 30. They were excited for the season to start, but they sure weren’t flying high on the Knicks’ prospects.

One of them was dead certain that Danny Granger was going to make the jump to superstar this year. One of them was sure that Baron Davis was done. Nobody thought that TMac or Arenas were really going to play a full season. Everybody felt like Brand was a sure thing to come back strong. Oh, and there’s some confusing sentiment that Bulls made a big mistake by letting Ben Gordon walk, and at the same time the Pistons made a big mistake by picking up Ben Gordon. I call it the Ben Gordon Uncertainty Principle.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your New York Knicks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your New York Knicks!

I’m not a Knicks fan, but I am a fan of Knicks fans. I love the knowledge and passion and willingness to get down and dirty about basketball opinions with a stranger. I love that they still care about the sport and the league even though they’ve got no real expectations of success for their team this year. I love that they are behind a team whose best hope for salvation is miraculously landing LeBron James and who have this guy as the face of the franchise.


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