LeScary: BronBron Claims Off-Season Improvements


Bob Finnan of the News-Herald had a chance to talk with LeBron James about his off season. And LeBron had some interesting things to say. As did his coaches. The gist of the article is that LeBron may not have added new weapons to his arsenal over the off season. However, he has been honing his skills. LeBron’s been adding spots on the floor where he can shoot his jumper. He’s been learning how to balance better for pull-up jumper shots. He’s also been working on “his interior work on the elbow.”

That's right, Morley.  All your base are belong to me.

That's right, Morley. All your base are belong to me.

Are you scared yet, NBA Defender? You should be. The one thing LeBron has not done much of in his career thus far is post work. If he’s now able to effectively post up, and use post moves, speed, and strength to create havoc from just 15 feet away from the basket then other teams are in real danger. LeBron’s real weakness last year was that he almost always worked from the outside in. Most of his drives started around the three point line. However, if he can play closer to the hoop, and receive the basketball in a position to score, rather than dribbling up and creating that scoring opportunity, he’ll have plenty of energy left for finishing games.

And just to see what we’re talking about here when we say “LeBron is improving,” let’s take a look at his MVP stats from 2008-2009.

FG – 48.9%
FT – 78.0%
3P FG – 34%
2P FG – 53%
RPG – 7.6
APG – 7.2
PPG – 28.4

Better than that? LeScary.


One Response to “LeScary: BronBron Claims Off-Season Improvements”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Man, what’s up with LeBron in that picture? He looks like he just spent the weekend with Michael Irvin and Mike Tyson in 1994.

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