Opening Night Quick Thoughts


– Garnett’s still not back all the way. His timing is off and his lift is not there. He missed an alleyhoop that he would normally convert and a couple of defensive rotations he’s known for.
– Rondo is still causing havoc. He covers freaky distance with those long arms.
– LeBron remains impossible. He just explodes from the three point line to the rim in an eye-blink. Nothing that big should move that fast. Four amazing blocks. Switched onto Rondo and Allen when necessary. Continues to show his Kobe envy when he takes those uncalled for pull-up Js off the dribble.
– As anticipated, the Cavs can’t defend the P&R when Shaq or Z are in the game.
– The Lakers are posting up in transition, and even without Gasol they post four guys. It’s gonna take an incredibly disciplined team to beat them. They force double teams all over the place.
– Bynum still hasn’t got all his lift back either. Knee injuries are scary.
– I miss the days when the Lakers started Kwame, Walton, and Smush. Luke Walton has to play with the third string now.
– Phil is doing his classic “nice job starters, watch your subs blow the lead you built” job. Love it. By the time the playoffs come around they’ll have two more players who have learned how to play and developed a spine.
– Telfair is hitting jump shots.
– Craig Smith is a horse on the boards.
– Hibachi lit it up. He looks good sneaking into the lane and making nice drop offs.
– Sweet zombie basketball Jesus, I’m glad the NBA is back!


3 Responses to “Opening Night Quick Thoughts”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Funny what fantasy ball does to you . . . I was actually rooting for Boston last night.

  2. pmadavi Says:

    Oh, and Mike Brown is dumb. How hard is it to leave Shaq or LeBron out there to stabilize the bench?

    • jpalumbo Says:

      mike brown’s not an Xs and Os coach. he’s a master motivator! did you see how he motivated LeBron to save 4 layups with monster impossi-blocks? now if only everyone else on the team would be motivated to do the things that LeBron does, they’d be set.

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