Charles Barkley’s Pizza Order – Week 1; Night 1


There was a little confusion around the Pizza’s Order line-up deadlines in week one, and one of our delivery boys didn’t get there in time. Free pizza for the rest of us. Unk is going without a roster this week. But the Round Mound needs to eat, and the deliveries must go on, so here’s the run down after game 1.

The winner of the night was Chad’s Dizzle Dribble with four active players. No one was spectacular, but Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett led the way in the Celts’ fantastic win over the Cavaliers. Strength in numbers, 15 strong, no “I” in team, etc.

Rank #2 for Game 1 was Team Rambis, as run by Greg who took the second spot simply because he had the obnoxiously productive LeBron James jumping over people all night. I managed to catch a words with LeBron after the loss to Boston.

J: LeBron, great game man. You had the highest score of the night in the Pizza Order. Tough loss though.
LJ: Nothing is tough for LeShaq.
J: You’re still on that kick, huh?
LJ: Never question LeShaq.
J: That will make these interviews really tough.
LJ: Nothing is tough for LeShaq.
J: This is like talking to the incredible Hulk?
LJ: Hulk? LeShaq is the strongest one there is!

Third for game one was Whack Mamba, the defending champions. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen did what they could for him and defeated the Cavs, but their sorry stats were no match for the glory of LeShaq.

#4 team for game one was Stockton’s Wholesome Robot Factory, where we had Shaquille O’Neal and THE Andre Miller, 6th man of the year 2010, in action. Shaq crushed out a double double but gassed in the second half. We should have got a solid double double from Blake Griffin as well, but his knee had an adverse reaction to wearing a Clipper’s uniform and cracked in half. Bad on J for drafting a Clipper.

Unk’s Lucious Frazier’s Five has no roster this week, so they came up empty for week 1, night 1. Chris’s twill for RoY has a lineup this week, but nobody played night 1.


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