Carmelo Anthony MVP Candidate?


George Karl is saying it. I’ve seen it repeated by the web media, and the TNT crew milked it to death. Is there any real chance? Is Melo a legit MVP Candidate this year?

The short answer is “no.” It’s doubtful that his team will win enough in such a tough division / conference to set him apart from the Bron / Bryant / Howard threesome. But Melo looks amazing in the early-going this season. He’s slim and explosive. He’s playing defense and pursuing rebounds. He looks like he’s seeing the floor better than ever. He’s intense and dialed in.

I’m listening to Reggie on TNT give some credit to Anthony’s summer spent with Bryant on the US Olympic team. We have all heard how big an influence Chauncey Billups has been just in terms of professionalism and dedication. But I think we need to remember that Melo is the same age as LeBron. He’s two years younger than Dwyane Wade and still getting better, and this might be the year he takes another jump.

How many wins do the Nuggets need to wrack up before fans at the Pepsi Center start the chant when Carmelo takes free-throws?


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