Chris Paul: Unstoppable


Through the first four games of the 2009-2010 NBA season, Chris Paul has been unstoppable. Though it has translated to a measly 1-3 record for the New Orleans Hornets, Chris Paul has excelled individually. He is currently shooting 65.6% from the field, 81.8% from three point range, and 81.5% from the free throw line. That’s been good for 27.8 points per game (111 point in 143 minutes). In addition to shooting the lights out, Paul has kept up his old tricks, handing out 34 assists in the 4 games.

If his shooting numbers keep up, he’ll be only 1 of 3 players to shoot 60% from the field and 80% from the free throw line since the 3 point era began (having played at least half the season). Kevin McHale did it in 86-87. David Lee did it in 06-07. Of course, both those guys shot 0% from three that year. Paul will shoot significantly higher from downtown than that this year.

More likely than not, the trend will not continue. Though Paul been an excellent shooter the past two seasons, as the Hornets buckle down his assists will go up and his shooting down – at least if they plan to win some games. Until then, catch what you can of Chris Paul, as he is currently unstoppable.


One Response to “Chris Paul: Unstoppable”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Can’t believe I drafted Wade. What a sucker I am! “Oh Chris Paul won’t be getting assists on those lob passes anymore” “Oh Wade’s going to have to do everything for Miami to win any games” talked myself right into that one!

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