Latavious Williams Jumps from HS to NBDL


Read this post by Dan Shanoff on ESPN’s Truehoop.

I can’t tell you what a big deal this turn of events might be any better than Dan does.  Just let me add that in terms of skills development and grooming for NBA play, this seems like the most logical path to the big leagues.  I hope Latavious prospers and inspires other players who are not interested in being student athletes to follow his example.

There is a downside the Dan’s article paints over.  If a player at UConn suffers a career-ending injury, he is enrolled at a prestigious school, and if he’s putting in the work may have a career ahead of him (or he may lose his scholarship and wind up with nothing but the memories).  If a player’s knee explodes while he’s playing for the Idaho Stampede, he’s back to square one.  Maybe it’s not so different after all.


3 Responses to “Latavious Williams Jumps from HS to NBDL”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    With a few notable exceptions, most student-athletes do not really come away with a.) a degree or b.) an actual education. The NBA should either require a college degree, or not. But the age limit thing is bogus on its face. It’s a backroom HJ between the Association and the NCAA. Let the high school kids that are ready to get their butts whipped in the Association do it. God knows it won’t hurt NCAA ratings. College hoops fans will watch any old crap as long as its wearing the right colors. Having lived in WI for 5 years now, I can personally attest to this.

  2. UNK Paw Says:

    Yes, but if the kid does blow out his knee he hopefully put some of the money away that he is getting paid in the NBDL. Now the kid in school must watch EVERY day that his teammates are playing and he is does he stay in school or go and get a job. I would imagine most leave school. Who knows? Double edged sword. But I gotta believe that if you get the chance, you better jump on it, or there might not be another one!!

    • jpalumbo Says:

      very true, though i don’t think the NBDL is paying at a level where there’s a ton of money left over after a season. now if more top-notch talents decide to go through the NBDL to get to the NBA, maybe that will spark more interest in the league and jump up the salaries for everybody.

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