Bucks Minutia


Despite the continuing economic slump, the Milwaukee Bucks have done relatively well with attendance numbers this year. They are at 98% of their prior year’s per-game average. League average for the year so far is 99% of prior year. Best attendance improvement this year? The Memphis Grizzlies who have drawn 1,000 more fans per game this year than last. Overall, the Association is doing well, considering attending an NBA game is pretty much a luxury – given the time and money spent. For Milwaukee, it seems interest in young Brandon Jennings is keeping their attendance numbers lively.

Speaking of Jennings, his first few games have been truly impressive. There’s only been one person to finish their rookie year with at least 22 points per game, 5 assists per game, and 4 rebounds per game, shooting 48% or better. His name was Jordan. Not to say Jennings will necessarily keep the numbers up over the course of the season. But it’s definitely impressive that he’s doing it at all. Not to mention, he’s fun to watch.

Bucks Draft Basketball

Why yes, my bling IS worth more than The Bradley Center.

Despite Jennings shooting 48%, the team average is a nasty 40%. Bogut and Gadzuric are shooting well also. But no one else is shooting above 39%. Unless you count Kurt Thomas’s 2 for 2 output this year.

In addition to the bad shooting, Michael Redd is already injured again. It’s already looking like another year where the Bucks will not be able to rely on their veteran star to provide stability to the team. Bucks fans everywhere are hoping that Bogut holds up . . . and that this isn’t something catchy.

Bucks play at Minnesota next. The Wolves bring a more prolific offense than the Bucks, but a very lax defense. It’s going to be up to the Bucks to play their imposing style of D (89 points per game allowed so far), and stick with it to grind out a win.


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