Going Real Big in Orlando


Shaq and Big Z are going head to head against Dwight and Gortat right now.

Howard’s got 3 fouls in the 2nd quarter, and he’s killing everybody with his speed.

JVG suggests that Bron come back in at the 4, and Bron goes to the scoring table. Huge BOO when Bron comes in. Unfortunately he came in at the 3.

JVG just noticed that there are 4 centers out there.

Orlando definitely getting the better of it.

Jason Williams looks like a little kid out there with these four bigs.

They should decide this game with a ten free throw shootout between Shaq and Howard. Too bad the Cavs had to dump Ben Wallace, or they could really make it interesting.

Reddick is going to Wally Szczerbiak’s hair salon.

Bron getting bored and forcing shots from the high post.

Mo Williams is absolutely killing it from the field the tonight. Driving powerfully and nailing 3s.

Orlando barely resembles the team of last year. No inside out game right now.

People are falling all over the place! Fun game so far!


2 Responses to “Going Real Big in Orlando”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    There were 3 plays last night where Mo hit Bron cutting to the basket. It was so easy and made so much sense, I wonder why the Cavs don’t just take the ball out of Bron’s hands more often. He’s pretty much an unstoppable finisher. Having him cut to the basket is the easiet 2 they’ll get. On one of them, he pretty much exploded defenders out of the lane like a bowling ball hitting the pocket. Easy layup once he caught the ball.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      I saw one pick and roll where Mo came off a Bron screen and Bron rolled to the basket and thought, “If they run this every time the wings will be open all game.” They could switch to an Orlando Magic style of play if they wanted.

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