LeBron to Sell More Jerseys


So in honor of his main man Money, LeBron James has decided to retire his #23 jersey, which he wears because his hero, Michael Jordan, wore it.  That’s a pretty significant change to make to give props to one of the most honored athletes ever.

Jason Richardson is also down with LeBron’s plan to hang up the #23 as a nod to his Airness:

jrich23@twitter – “Getting lots of tweets about changing my number 4 MJ. Im all 4 it he’s the greatest player to ever play. NBA should of retired 23 yrs ago.”

Mitch Richmond Jersey

There have been other 23s

I certainly appreciate the gesture, though I don’t know if its fair to everyone.  Mark Aguirre for instance did not choose his number in honor of Michael Jordan.  He had been scoring 30 points a game before MJ was in the league.  Mitch Richmond wore #23 as a contemporary and competitor of Michael.  Celtics Hall of Famer Frank Ramsey wore #23 – which now hangs from the Garden rafters.  I wouldn’t want to lessen the importance of a team retiring #23 for one of its own players as a classy, yet unnecessary glory to the Greatest.


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