Jennings and Bucks Surprise Without Redd


Can you guess the most impressive number in Brandon Jennings’ player page on NBA?  Almost all of them are off the charts for an NBA rookie.  Which would you pick?  His 49.6 field goal percentage?  His 56.7 three point field goal percentage? His 25.6 points per game?  His 5.1 assists?  Me, I’m picking his 33.9 minutes per game.  The efficiency with which Jennings is posting these astounding numbers is probably the most dumbfounding thing about his development thus far.  It’s enough to make any Bucks fan utter, “Redd who?”

If the Bucks are smart, they’ll dispatch with always-injured Redd and get some more folks that will fit in with Jennings’ skill set and Scott Skiles’ strangling defensive scheme.  The Bucks have won four games in a row, and five of their first seven games.  That included a close two point loss to the Chicago Bulls.  They’ve not yet faced a really good team.  But it’s obvious that the Bucks are going to be more than bottom feeders this year.  They’re poised to clamp on to that eighth playoff seed.  We’ll see how Bogut holds up.  The bench is still thin.  But the eruption of Jennings on to the scene completely changes the expectations that everyone has of the Bucks.


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