Landing Pads for Allen Iverson


As some of you may have heard, the new question is: where will the Answer land? A lot of people are being very hard on AI for not being willing to take a supporting role at this stage in his career, but let’s set that argument aside and just take a look at whom (with an M) Iverson could help this season.

NY Knickerbockers

Donnie Walsh is known to be a big fan. D’Antoni’s 7 seconds or less might be an interesting to fit for Allen, who never saw a shot he didn’t like. The Knicks don’t worry too much about players relaxing on defense. Iverson is a superior playmaker to any guard on the roster. The best part for New York would be that Iverson might be a genuine draw at the Garden, and he could be had for one season, so he’d come off the cap for the 2010 LeBron James rain dance.

DC Wizards

I’m not a huge fan of the fit defensively, but I think he’s a great option if Foye doesn’t come back 100% or Arenas misses any time. Offensively he’s actually a pretty good fit in that he pushes the pace and creates a lot of offensive rebounding opportunities. He doesn’t work with Arenas though because they both need the ball, so he might not be able to get the touches he would require to be happy, and as we’ve seen, an unhappy Iverson is an unproductive or possibly completely unavailable Iverson.

NC Bobcats

This is my favorite possible destination. I haven’t heard a ghost of a whisper of a rumor of a chance, but Larry Brown LOVES him some AI, and there’s not a better team fit in the league. They are dying for some scoring, and he would instantly be the most talented guard on the team. They’ve got terrific defenders. They’ve got shooters. They’ve got two versatile wings. They’ve got a bunch of solid rebounders. Felton has shown an ability to defend both guard positions. Charlotte desperately needs to sell tickets. Iverson worships Michael Jordan, so attitude adjustments should be a little more manageable than normal.

Other possibilities that come to mind are:

The Rockets – Is AI worse than Aaron Brooks? Cause he would excel in that role.
The Magic – Jameer is hurt. AI runs a mean pick and roll, and the team is loaded with shooters and rebounders.
The Sixers – … Psyche!


3 Responses to “Landing Pads for Allen Iverson”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    I’m pretty sure an Iverson NY jersey would sell like hotcakes . . . if hotcakes were Iverson NY jersey.

  2. Justin Says:

    Knicks are apparently out:

    Is that seriously the Wizards’ logo? I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    • pmadavi Says:

      Wizards have the worst logo and jerseys. I like the idea of Houston. He’s a good, temporary fit there. Thanks for reading and commenting, Homes!

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