Later Lawrence


Lawrence Frank got the NBA axe after suffering through one of the three worst starts in league history with this historically putrid New Jersey Nets team. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I don’t know what good it does the Nets at this point. Is there a better coach waiting in the wings? A better coach that actually wants to move to New Jersey and handle this undertalented, oft-injured squad? Don’t think so.

In fact I’m not real sure it would even make a difference if they had a decent coach waiting. So far the only prominent name I’ve heard for the position is Patrick Ewing. I can’t entirely say why, but I don’t buy Pat as a great coach. Good maybe. But there have really only been 5 or 6 great coaches in my life time. Pat Riley, the master motivator and fitness fanatic. Phil Jackson, the psychologist and chemistry builder. Larry Brown, the instructor and disciplinarian. Greg Popavich, the game manager and strategist. Jerry Sloan, who is basically half Pop and half Brown. That’s pretty much it. Rick Adelman has done some great things. The brothers Van Gundy have their moments. Nellie’s got the wild creativity. But it’s basically just the big five who seem to make an enormous difference, and they all need the talent to lead in order for their skills to matter.

That’s not so say other coaches are no good. It’s just a question of what the Nets really gain by firing Frank. They aren’t getting one of the game-changing coaches from the last three decades. They don’t save money cutting him loose mid-season. Where’s the advantage in playing for an interim coach for three quarters of a season? It’s a very Minnesota Timberwolves decision. Hopefully they don’t lose 3 years’ worth of draft picks overpaying Joe Smith to come to Newark. Ugg. Newark.

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  1. Hi Above Courtside Says:

    Hey Jack Ramsey is still alive–he is pushing 84 and is already inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. He was the GM of one of arguably greatest teram of all time, the 66-67 Sixers. He created a form of zone defense that he was able to get away with playing even when the zone was outlawed in the NBA at the time. That is what happens when the guy who wrote the definition of the “zone” for the NBA was one of the coaches.

    Is it too late to bring back Red Holtzman?

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Hmm… Red may be a little out of touch… if you want to go old-school coaches, why not Hubie Brown? He’ll teach the kids how to play basketball, talk in the 2nd person, and serve as an object lesson about the dangers of sun damaged skin.

      Of course the plan isn’t to teach the kids, just to survive them, sign a real team in the offseason and eventually move to Brooklyn. So they actually went with Kiki.

      • Hi Above Courtside Says:

        KiKI is an interesting choice, as GM I blame him more for the demise of the franchise than Frank. Heck why not resurrect Louie Carnesseca of Kevin Loughrey—-they lead the club during the “glory days”

        Old Hubies Kentucky Colonels of the early 70’s had some great games with the Nets, defeating them in the tie breaker game for the eastern division title in ’74

        Where have you gone: Les “big game” Hunter. Billy Paultz, John Roche, Bill Melchionni, Larry Kenon, and Dr. J?

  2. jpalumbo Says:

    Turns out it isn’t Kiki. It’s Tom Barrise. Introducing interim coach, Tom Barrise, on your interim New Jersyorklyn Nets.

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