The Rhythm of Winners


Since the early 90’s, humanity has striven to capture the habits of successful people, put them in a book, and sell it for $19.95 a pop.  Sometimes it’s hard to get highly successful individuals to reveal their secrets (hence the $20 bathroom reading).  Sometimes they have no choice.  The habits are plain to see.

Take a look at the top five leaders in win share.  There are some interesting numbers available in the stats.  On average, the top 5 score a field goal every 4.19 minutes.  Kobe Bryant is the fastest scorer, averaging a field goal every 3.46 minutes.  Dwight Howard takes the longest, at almost 6 minutes between field goals.  Amazingly enough, the average number of minutes between free throw attempts also sits at 4.19.  This time, the oft hacked Howard leads the way, attempting on average a free throw every 3.17 minutes.  Kobe Bryant takes the longest, waiting almost a full 5 minutes between attempts.  Another thing these players all excel at is two point field goal percentage.  None shoot less than 49% from two point range, with Howard leading the way at 64% and Nowitzki and Anthony trailing at 49%.

The full breakdown can be found here.


One Response to “The Rhythm of Winners”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Couple of notes:

    1) The separation between LeBron and the pack in terms of productions remains ridiculous.

    2) Didn’t Dwyane Wade used to be great too? And Chris Paul? What happened?

    3) Howard is dragging down the team FG/Min badly. Without him the average would be well under 4 seconds. And he single-handedly lowers the FT/Min as well. Without him the average would be close to 4.5.

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