Bogut Keys Bucks Wins


A whole lot has made of Bucks rookie Brandon Jennings, with good reason.  Young Money is still putting up impressive numbers for a rookie (20, 4, 6) even with his shooting percentages dropping quickly.  However, the past three wins have showcased the Bucks playing classic inside out basketball.  It’s been Andrew Bogut’s team in December, and when the big Aussie is producing, the Bucks are hard to beat.

The Bucks are 3-3 in their last six, including an overtime loss to the NBA Champion Lakers who barely beat the Bucks after an overtime Kobe Bryant charge was magically transformed into a 3 point play by the baseline ref.  In these games, Bogut’s rebounds and assists have been consistent (11 and 2).   It’s his scoring and minutes that have made the difference for the Bucks.  In the three wins, Bogut is averaging a whopping 29 points per game in 37 minutes.  In the losses, he’s averaging a measly 12 points in 30 minutes.

It’s tough to pin down which is the real Bogut.  His season averages of 16 and 11 tell us that Bogut is a closer to being that 12 point scorer than the 30 point scorer.  However, having watched those games, it’s hard to imagine that Bogut could not be a consistent 20 and 10 center.  He shoots the hook proficiently with both hands.  He makes quick moves to the basket.  And his sheer size, heft, and surprising mobility make him a defensive presence and a strong offensive rebounder.

I see you've played knifey-spoony before.

As the season continues, Bogut will likely be the hero in their victories, and the goat in their losses.  How much time he spends as one or the other depends on a couple of factors.  These keys for Bogut are keeping his fouls down (tough considering he is their only real center) in order to keep his minutes closer to 40 than 30 per game, and making sure to get position, enticing his mostly perimeter-play teammates to throw the ball down low.

I’ll keep my eyes on the Bucks and provide updates on Bogut’s progress through the regular season, and with any luck, the playoffs.

2 Responses to “Bogut Keys Bucks Wins”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    The Bucks have had a total of 2 players in their history average 20 points and 10 rebounds for a season. Vin Baker did it in 1997. The other guy was Kareem who did it every season he was in Milwaukee and his first 6 seasons in LA. Cause he’s Kareem.

  2. pmadavi Says:


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