Oden’s Apology Emphasises The Ridiculous


Here’s video of the press conference Greg Oden should never have been made to hold.

Oden sent these pictures in confidence to a “lady friend.”  A year and a half later, they were leaked.  It makes no sense to me that Oden should apologize for this.  He did not expose himself to the world.  He did not do this in public.  His private interaction was taken out of context for all to see.  Whoever leaked the photo is the one who should be apologizing.

His apology emphasizes the ridiculous standards to which we now hold athletes.  Any embarrassing behavior whatsoever, no matter how privately it was done and no matter how many confidences were broken to reveal it, requires an immediate apology.  It’s too much.  Oden has a right to send decidedly un-erotic photos to his female companions, should they request such images.  The fact that his naked body requires an apology is just plain stupid.  Will we EVER shake this antiquated notion that professional athletes should be christlike role models and sainted do gooders?

What we need, is more of this kind of honestly:


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