Halfway Through, LeBron Dominates Fantasy Ball


The NBA and Fantasy seasons are now more than halfway through, and as has been the case in the past three years, LeBron James is completely dominating stat based competition.  Using the Charles Barkley’s Pizza Order (CBPO) scoring system ( point = 1, dreb = 1, oreb = 1.5, asst = 1.5, stl = 2.5, blk = 2.5, mfg =-.5, mft = -1, to = -1), LeBron is a full 3 fantasy points per game ahead of the runner up, Chris Paul.  LeBron garners 44.7 fppg, and Chris Paul gets 41.4.  However, it’s a steep drop from there.  Dwayne Wade is at 38.4.  Kevin Durant is 37.3.  Click here for the top 25 fantasy points per game standings.

When you play with millionaires, fantasy spoils are great. So says your King.

However, not until you look at the total fantasy points for the season is the disparity truly apparent.  LeBron has collected 2,239 points so far this season.  Dwayne Wade has scored nearly 400 fewer points at 1872.5.  And Kevin Durant is a full 400 points behind at 1831.  Click here for the top 25 total fantasy points standings.

In short, if you want to win, make sure you draft first.  LeBron is King.


One Response to “Halfway Through, LeBron Dominates Fantasy Ball”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    I miss the days when Garnett was the Big Fantasy Points Ticket, and he was on my team.

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