Bill Simmons Interviews David Stern


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Great interview.  Simmons doesn’t shy away from questions and characterizations that are unfavorable to the Association.  Stern uses his usual combination of honesty and evasiveness.  Worth a listen for sure.


2 Responses to “Bill Simmons Interviews David Stern”

  1. Hi Above Courtside Says:

    Jason and Paul are the “next generations” version of Bill Simmons.

    Latest Celtics trade rumor: The Celtics and Wizards are talking about a deal that would send Ray Allen, Brian Scalabrine and J.R. Giddens to Washington for forwards Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler. The report stated: “The trade isn’t imminent, but talks have progressed,” and the teams are expected to continue discussions during All-Star Weekend.

    Man I’m down with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. pmadavi Says:

    Did you hear that Jason? Write a goddamn book already so I can be “House.”

    Yeah, if I’m the Celtics, I pull the trigger on that one. That’s a major upgrade. Did you catch any of those games last night? I didn’t see the later one, but I’m thinking more and more the Cavs are going to take the trophy this year.

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