Leaders in 20K-5K-5K Club


Nine players have accumulated at least 20,000 points, 5,000 rebounds, and 5,000 assists in their NBA careers.  Those players are Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, and John Havlicek.  Here’s some info porn on these fine fellows:

Fewest Games – Larry Bird is the member of this club with the fewest game.  He played only 897, well below the club average of 1,185.

Field Goals – The most makes and attempts go to Kareem.  He made 15,837 of his 28,307 attempts.  Drexler had the fewest makes at 8,335.  Bird had the fewest attempts at 17,334.

Threes – Gary Payton took and made the most threes.  He made 1,132 of his 3,570 attempts.  Havlicek, West, and Robertson made the list without the benefit of the three point line.  Kareem hit just 1 of his 18 attempts over his entire career.

Free Throws – This category belonged to Karl Malone.  Mailman made 9,787 of his 13,188 attempts.  Both lead the club.  He was well over the averages of 6,219 makes and 7,681 attempts.

Rebounds – was dominated by Kareem.  He had a total of 17,440 – 2,500 ahead of Karl Malone.  If they kept stats on offensive and defense rebounds his whole career, Kareem surely would have had the most of those as well.  Not surprisingly, GP had the fewest.

Assists – Oscar Robertson lead the club with 9,887 assists.  That was almost a full 1,000 ahead of Gary Payton, and 3,000 over the club average.

Steals – Michael Jordan led the way in steals at 2,514.  He was followed by Payton at 2,445, Drexler at 2,207, and then Malone at 2,085.

Blocks – Kareem once again dominated a category. His 3,189 blocks were a full 2,000 more than Karl Malone, and 2,400 over the club average.

For full numbers, including points (Kareem, duh) click here.

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