Bucks Trade for Salmons, Cavaliers Trade for Jamison


ESPN is reporting that the Bucks have acquired John Salmons for Kurt Thomas and Francisco Elson.  The remove will clear cap room for the Bulls, who want to bring Dwayne Wade back home.  And I do have to say, he’d look awfully good in a Bulls uniform.

The Bucks, meanwhile, have picked up a good scorer to replace the perennially hurt Michael Redd.  They will now be able to start Jennings, Salmons, Delfino, Mbah a Moute, and Andrew Bogut with Stackhouse, Warrick, Ridnour, and Ilyasova seeing major minutes off the bench.  The Bucks are clearly making a push for what is an available 8th playoff seed.

Meanwhile, Cleveland acquired Antawn Jamison from Washington for Zydrunas Igauskas, the long time Cavalier, and a first round draft pick.  The Cavaliers were able to make their dream scenario come true – picking up a major addition to their front court without parting with J.J. Hickson.  The Cavaliers also picked up Sebastian Telfair from the deal.  I’m not sure another undersized guard is what they need though.  I don’t expect to see much of Telfair in Cleveland.  Jamison, on the other hand, brings veteran leadership, jump shooting, and rebounding at the power forward position.  Cleveland is looking to put a stranglehold on the number one seed, Jamison should provide a lot of help in that department.


4 Responses to “Bucks Trade for Salmons, Cavaliers Trade for Jamison”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Real shame that the longest tenured Cav, Big Z, is going to miss out on their best chance to win a title. He deserves better than to be a Wizard at this stage of his career.

  2. pmadavi Says:

    We all only deserve what LeBron wishes for us.

  3. pmadavi Says:

    But yeah, Big Z was a fixture for a long time in Cleveland. It would’ve been nice if he could’ve left town with a ring.

  4. jpalumbo Says:

    So apparently the expectation here is that the Wiz will buy out Z, and he’ll go back to Cleveland before the playoffs. That’ll be good for the Cavs who should keep a big center as insurance against an O’Neal injury.

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