The Most Impressive Triple-Doubles in Modern NBA History


Your precious modern era STINKS!

Since 1986, there have been only 12 games wherein a player posted at least 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists.  Half of those are split between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.  Each has posted three.  Included in the list of players to also accomplish this Herculean feat are cousins Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady, Larry Bird on two occasions, Michael Adams, and Chris Webber.  Here are some interesting facts about these performances.

  • LeBron James was the youngest player in the group to post these numbers.  He was just 20 years old on April 9th, 2005 when he put 40, 10, and 10 on Milwaukee.  Larry Bird was the oldest to do it at age 35 in March of ’92.
  • There has NOT been a 50 point triple double in the modern era.  LeBron came close to posting one last year in New York, but he fell one rebound short, despite really trying.
  • 40, 10, and 10 has been good for a win 75% of the time.  The Cavaliers and Bulls are responsible for all three losses.  It’s also tough to do on the road.  Only four of the 12 instances were on the road.

Click here for the complete stats on these triple-doubles.


5 Responses to “The Most Impressive Triple-Doubles in Modern NBA History”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    The boxscores on Basketball-Reference only go back to ’87, so it’s possible Bird has more of these 40-10-10 games. Remember when Chicago was so bad that Jordan could drop 47-11-13-4-2 and lose to a junk Indiana squad? The Cavs need to get better so that LeBron doesn’t have to put up the greatest stats of all time all the time. Of course next year he’ll be laying in NY with Bosh and McGrady, so that’ll help.

  2. Hi Above Courtside Says:

    Good to see the Big O! I commented about him about a month ago——he averaged a triple double during the first five years of his career!

    Not bad for a combo point/shooting guard. I don’t think that steals were an official stat during O’s career–, just like blocked shots weren’t an official stat during Russell’s) it would be interesting to know how many O had.

  3. Trevor Says:

    Barkley also accomplished this amazing feat in the western conf. finals vs the Seattle supersonics 43/15/10 WHAT A GAME!

  4. James Stewart Says:

    Bird did have another such game on 2-14-86 vs Portland of 47pts, 14reb + 11asssts, hitting a game tying shot to force OT and then the game winning shot in OT-the famous “left handed game”. Also Bird had 3 other triple double games in which he scored 39 pts. Game 7 playoff in 84 vs Knicks of 39pts, 12reb + 10 assists, on 4-5-87 had 39pts, 10reb, 12 ast vs Sixers and on 2-10-88 had 39pts, 17reb, 10 ast vs Spurs.

  5. ronhope6210 Says:

    Well it’s been done the first 50-point triple double since 1975 wrong to the Beast Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder all you can say about his performance is wow wow wow

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