New Look, NY


I caught the end of the Knicks v. Thunder game last night. The Garden was bumpin’! New York had the following players active in crunch time:

G/F – Tracy McGrady
G – Sergio Rodriguez
G/F – Jonathon Bender
G – Eddie House
F – Danillo Gallinari
F/C – David Lee
F – Wilson Chandler

McGrady: Durant 1.0

For those of you who haven’t had the displeasure of watching 40+ Knicks games a year, that represents 4 new(ish) players and the three young talents they’ve been trying to build around the past two years. They had some issues integrating McGrady. They wanted to run isolation sets for him that took them out of rhythm, and for some reason D’Antoni was subbing TMac for Sergio in an offensive / defensive exchange. Rodriguez wasn’t exactly shutting down Westbrook. On the other hand Sergio was very exciting, probing the defense off the dribble and making some unexpected passes. He’s the first point guard the Knicks have had who seems capable of running D’Antoni’s offense the way he wants. TMac looked good off the dribble. House was on fire, was fiery on both ends, and showed real leadership.

Gallinari actually did a decent job staying in front of Durant and forcing tough shots. The Knicks’ pick and roll defense really let them down at the end. Lee didn’t get out and trap Durant hard enough, and he has that Kobe / Bird ability to square up beyond the three point line and kill a team that refuses to bum-rush him coming off a ball screen. The lack of a shot-blocker was obvious too as Westbrook had no opposition once he beat the first level of defense off the dribble.

That said I’m very excited to see how this new line up gels prior to the inevitable explosion and rebuild this summer.


4 Responses to “New Look, NY”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    So what do you think? Do they get LeBron in the off season? I mean, T-mac, Bron, and Lee is enough to make the tri-state area salivate. But with Gallo, House, and Serg . . . man that’s a squad with big time potential.

  2. Hi Above Courtside Says:

    As a life long Knick hater, although that was mostly in the early 70’s—when I see this 7 man rotation—-I can’t help but pine for Dave DeB, The Pearl, Clyde, Dean M, Dollar Bill, Willis, Nate Bowman, Jerry Lucas, Barnett et al.

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