Fun with Stats: Jason Kidd


Since 1987 three NBA players have managed to score at least 15 points, grab at least 15 boards, and dish at least 15 assists in a single game. Bird did it once. Magic did it twice. And after last night, Jason Kidd has now done it twice as well. Here’s the boxscore list:

15-15-15 Games courtesy of

It’s a pretty tough feat to pull off when you think about it. A player almost has to be a point guard or a point forward to get 15 assists in a game. It just requires a lot of passes to drop that many dimes in a game. Then to pull down 15 boards at that same time requires size and the willingness not to get out on the break waiting for an outlet pass. Magic and Kidd are really the only players I’ve ever seen who had the play style to make 15 rebounds and 15 assists likely.

LeBron could certainly do it if he keeps playing point forward. I actually think the rebounds would be his biggest problem because he plays with so many big men that it doesn’t make sense for him to hang back and board. He should be getting out on the wing while Shaq, Varejao, Jamison, and Hickson pull down boards. Magic, on the other hand, was every bit the rebounder that Green or Worthy were, and his ability to bound allowed those two forwards to get down the floor in transition. Kidd is similar. If Dirk and Marion can get into scoring position faster because Jason crashes the boards, that’s a win-win for Dallas.

Remember when this trade was lopsided for New Jersey?

Speaking of Dallas, remember last year when they were roundly criticized for trading up-and-coming Devin Harris (who had a great year) for over-the-hill Jason Kidd? Not hearing much of that talk anymore are we? One of the great strengths of this Mavericks team is its depth and versatility, and Kidd plays a big role in both of those. His ability to defend both guard positions allows the team to play either the quick-hitting but undersized Jason Terry or the very big swing man, Caron Butler, at the shooting guard without missing out on having a top notch playmaking point guard on the floor. Kidd’s ability to hit the standstill three pointer allows the team to take the ball out of his hands for Terry, Caron, Dirk, or Marion to make plays without the spacing falling apart. Kidd’s ability to run the break or back his man down means the Mavs can play uptempo with anybody (especially when they go small with Kidd, Jet, Caron, Matrix, and Dirk on the floor together), and his ability to post up smaller point guards gives them an edge in a slow-down methodical game.

Most of the pundits, including the Double Dribble Duo in our first podcast, are giving the Mavs the nod as the chief threat to the Lakers come the post season, and Jason Kidd, who just dropped 19-16-17 (with only 3 tunrovers) 14 seasons after the first time he managed 15-15-15, is a big reason why.


2 Responses to “Fun with Stats: Jason Kidd”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Kidd’s been having a great season. He even managed to get a technical foul on Mike Woodson the other night by running into him when he was out on the court. Like Duncan, he’s as good as ever right now. Having a stacked team like Dallas helps though. I’m not sure he’d look so hot in Jersey this year.

  2. jpalumbo Says:

    I don’t think any other PG in the league would fit as well for Dallas as Kidd has this season.

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