How to Win Games and Influence Fans


Don’t blink!  The Milwaukee Bucks are currently a winning team.  They have a record of 30-29.  Of the 27 games left, 14 are home games where the Bucks win 66% of their games.  Things are looking good in the schedule as well.  Nine of their remaining games are against bottom feeders.  And almost all of their toughest games will be played at home.  The Bucks have put themselves in a position to be in the playoffs.  Management’s willingness to pick up players, improved play at the center position, shooting well from three, and generating possessions have been the hallmarks of the Bucks progress this season.

  • A vastly improved roster has made scoring a breeze for the Bucks.  Jennings and Ridnour have got the point guard position on lock down.  The Bucks picked up Jerry Stackhouse and John Salmons during the season to compliment their off season acquisition, Delfino.  Most importantly, Michael Redd has not had a chance to jack up shots due to injuries.  His inability to play has been a blessing in disguise.
  • The center position has been productive for the Bucks.  Bogut is averaging 16 and 11 in middle.  His improved play has been the backbone of Bucks success.  Not to mention his idea to buy a section of seats for the season and then audition for fans who would attend every home game and go, ahem, buck wild.
  • Three point shooting has been a crucial part of the offense as well.  The Bucks are shooting 36% from three this year.  Many of those threes are coming off of passes.  More than 50% of the Bucks baskets have come from assists.
  • The Bucks also generate possessions better than their opponents.  They average 13 turnovers per game, while benefiting from the 15 their opponents suffer.  On top of that, they are out rebounding opponents on the offensive boards to help make up for their low overall FG%.

If the Bucks can maintain their swagger at home, and win the games against weak opponents that they should, they will be a lock for the playoffs.  At the beginning of the season, I thought they would flirt with the eighth spot.  It looks like they’re done flirting, and are ready to head to the dance.

2 Responses to “How to Win Games and Influence Fans”

  1. Hi Above Courtside Says:

    Hey Scott Skiles named coach of the month for Feb, and he deserves it. He was a scrappy player, and has his team playing with the same intensity i e getting everything they can out of their ability as he did. ( when he wasn’t getting busted for weed and coke, coke charge was dropped) But that is ancient history.

    Bucks could make some noise inthe playoffs I’m looking forward to the upcoming game with the Celt’s next Tuesday!

  2. pmadavi Says:

    Skiles is a great coach from what I can tell. He did really well in Chicago with not a whole lot to work with.

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