Gilbert Arenas Legal Razzle Dazzle


No jail-time? $5,000 fine? HIBACHI!

I wanted to write a little followup to a great post that really caught me eye on Truehoop today (and if you’re a basketball fan who isn’t reading Henry Abbott’s blog, you need to find the time). Henry’s coverage of and reaction to the whole Arenas debacle has been by far the most even-handed take that I’ve seen, an oasis thoughtful research in a desert of mindless blather.

Last week he looked at the the results of the gun possession charges which led to what was basically the lightest possible sentencing one could expect from a guilty plea. The last point he had to make was as follows:

But before we get to lecturing Arenas too harshly on not respecting the legal system, or the rule of law, let’s consider the biggest, strongest and likely most effective of his varied attempts to avoid harsh punishment. Like rich people in jams everywhere, he hired a very powerful attorney.

Kenneth Wainstein is not just a good lawyer. He has his fingers on many of the buttons that matter in Washington D.C.’s legal system. Most importantly for this case, he recently oversaw the office prosecuting Arenas in this very matter. From 2004-2006, Wainstein was U.S. attorney in the same district. He has also directed the executive office of U.S. attorneys, worked for the F.B.I., founded an important new national security division at the Justice Department. He even advised President George W. Bush on homeland security.

The question this post raises for me is: who obtained the services of Kenneth Wainstein for Arenas?

If it was his agent, who parked a Mercedes filled to the moonroof with $100 bills in Wainstein’s driveway, okay. Gilbert pays his agent to protect his interests, and, probably, his agent is not a political entity with any particular clout beyond the names and resources of his clients.

If it was the Wizards, who have political clout of their own, and whose legal team is very likely to know the ropes in DC far better than the average Joe Defendant, is that fair? Obviously companies may want to protect valued employees, but it does become another instance of a man’s worth being determined by his paycheck.

Also how come we haven’t heard any jokes about how this was the first successful defensive scheme a Wizard has executed all season?


5 Responses to “Gilbert Arenas Legal Razzle Dazzle”

  1. Hi Above Courtside Says:

    Another sickening performance by the C’s vs the Wizards friday night at home. They lost by 10 but were down 20 from the second quarter to the end of the fourth. Pitiful.

    Doc has lost control of the team.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Did Doc ever have control of the team? I think Garnett lost control of the team. We’ll refer to this season as the Rondo Mutiny.

  2. Hi Above Courtside Says:

    Doc had control of the team in ’08, and to a large extent last year too. This year they have tuned him out, Rasheed has not helped, not has the fact that the big three arer a year older, (and man has it showed)

    I can’t believe at thanksgiving I was talking about 70 wins. They wont get past the first round

  3. Hi Above Courtside Says:

    Another bad loss. An article in the B Herald today says Doc will quit after the palyoff. He realizes the team has tuned him out.

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