Bogut’s Fall Breaks Bucks Hopes


In a split second, 16,400 Bucks fans went from screaming in euphoria to recoiling in terror.  Many more at home, myself included, were both glued to the replays and trying to keep our dinners down at the same time.  In the second quarter of their home against the red hot Suns, Andrew Bogut broke away from Amare Stoudemire and took the air for a thunderous two handed dunk.  A small nudge in the back from Stoudemire, combined with Bogut’s runaway momentum caused his legs to fling forward violently during the dunk.  Bogut was unable to hold on to the rim, and what followed was one of the most horrific sports injuries I’ve ever seen.  Bogut instinctively stuck his arm out to brace his fall.  The result was his right arm bending backwards, and then snapping in half.  There are videos out there available, but I don’t recommend it.  He will have surgery for a broken hand, a dislocated elbow, and a sprained wrist.  Given the incredible look of pain on Bogut’s face and he screamed and writhed in pain, I would not be surprised if the injuries are more serious than suggested.  It’s hard to imagine someone coming back from what looked like complete and catastrophic destruction.

The rest of the Bucks rallied themselves, and held on to defeat the Suns in a game the Bucks were running away with before Bogut left the arena.  But there is only so long the Bucks will be able to hold out without Bogut.  They are now without their primary scorer, their best rebounder, their low post presence, and their shot blocker.  Ersan Ilyasova and Kurt Thomas will need to step up and try to fill the void, but even if they succeed, the Bucks bench is now gutted as a result.

The Bucks will hold on to make the playoffs.  However, their chances of advancing are slim to none with Andrew Bogut.  It was a terrible break for the franchise and the city of Milwaukee.

Double Dribble wishes Bogut a speedy and completely recovery.


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