Cavs v. Celts & Suns v. Spurs Random Notes


I didn’t get to watch the entire Game 2 Semi-Final match-up between Cleveland and Boston, but I caught the 4th quarter and a few thoughts occur:

1. LeBron’s elbow is definitely not right. He’s putting way more leg and wrist into his threes than normal (0-4) and his free throw looks very wobbly (10-15).

2. The Celtics committed nearly twice as many fouls as Cleveland, and the Cavs shot nearly twice as many free throws (31 v. 16). I watched a stretch in the fourth quarter where I could swear Boston was called for a foul on every play at both ends around 5 or 6 times in a row. That will happen on the road in the playoffs against an aggressive team that is down big. The question is, if LeBron’s shot doesn’t rehabilitate in the time off, and Boston maintains this level of defense, will Cleveland get enough calls to steal a game in Boston. It could be tough, because the Cs traditionally get home cookin’ in the playoffs.

3. Will the 4 day layoff be long enough for LeBron to recover? Boston is the older team, but right now they are probably cursing the time off because they’ve shown only a shaky ability to beat Cleveland with LeBron less than 100%. If he comes back healthy, the Cavs could dominate.

Through the first half of the Suns v. Spurs:

1. Check out Dan Majerle’s hair. He looks like he spends most of his time lathering, rinsing and repeating. He has the hair of a 17th century cherub doll. The vampire Lestat is sitting behind him on the Suns’ bench salivating.

2. Popavich is still the best strategic coach in the league. His matchup adjustments in playoff series pay off about 95% of the time. Tonight the big move was getting Parker on Nash and making Steve play both ends.

3. I think Grant Hill has been my favorite player in these playoffs. Has a 37 year old known for playing versatile offense and missing seasons due to fractured ankles ever reinvented himself as a lockdown one on one defender on the fly before? Andre Miller, Brandon Roy, Manu Ginobilli… bring ’em on! We’ve got the co-rookie of the year circa 1995 ready to throw down!


2 Responses to “Cavs v. Celts & Suns v. Spurs Random Notes”

  1. Celtics-Heat Garnett Fight 4-17-2010.wmv | Snafu Blog Daily Information Says:

    […] Cavs v. Celts & Suns v. Spurs Random Notes « Double Dribble […]

  2. High Above Courtside Says:


    Nice call out by ESPN’s Henry Abbott, it is about time he is getting hip to what many of us already know.

    Celt’s using up all the fouls is a planned strategy. Glad that Sheed has finally awakened. We be jammin now.

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