Remember the Gather


Because you’re allowed two steps AFTER the gather.  Rob Mahoney at Hardwood Paroxysm provides video and analysis.


2 Responses to “Remember the Gather”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    So he gathers in the middle of one step, jumps both feet off the ground with the ball in hand, lands, jumps off both feet again and shoots… I see how that skirts that travel rules, but I feel like it’s a modern type of non-call. I wonder if they had that interpretation popularized because Shaq used to do it 8 times a game back when Shaq mattered, cause I don’t recall Barkley or Robinson being allowed to do that, and it would have been a great weapon for both of them.

  2. High Above Courtside Says:

    To me the degradation of calling traveling (very selectively I might add) started with Julius Irving back in the early 70’s. The crowds (ncluding yours truely) loved it when Dr. J used to take off from the foul line for a dunk. A few extra steps didn’t seem to matter. Same with palming the ball.

    Steve Mix mastered the move LeBron did the other night when he played for the Sixers during that era as well.

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