Last night, the Phoenix Suns did what professional sports teams rarely do.  They made a political statement.  By wearing their Los Suns jerseys, the organization openly criticized Arizona’s new immigration law that allows/encourages police to harass brown skinned people on account of being “reasonably suspicious.”  As Sun’s managing partner Robert Sarver put it, “However intended, the result of passing this law is that our basic principles of equal rights and protection under the law are being called into question.”

And while most of white America seems fine with the law on principle, many others, including the Hispanic community, those of who are less than pale and also maybe bearded, and the Phoenix Suns feel that the law is simply poorly written, even if it is well intentioned (which is arguable).  The argument that we should simply trust police after giving them the power to basically pull over anyone on their own discretion is foolish at best.  Cops are still people.  One doesn’t become Clark Kent shooting out of a phone booth once the badge is put on.  In fact, like any other group of people, sometimes police are just jerks.

Hope you brought your birth certificate, George.

And while I won’t argue that the display of solidarity was made entirely on moral grounds (what’s the percentage of Suns fans that come from the Hispanic community?), I will say that I was glad to see the organization make a statement.  It’s rare when you see any kind of sports related news lean to the liberal, inclusive side of things.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Suns winning an high quality and hard fought game in their Los Suns jerseys.


5 Responses to “Sympatico”

  1. Alison Says:

    I was surprised but pleased to hear about this. Although I am not sure how much of white America is “fine” with the law. I think the protests against it in cities across the country have been diverse.

    • pmadavi Says:

      Polls have said that 60% are OK with the law. God knows who they asked, but it’s supposed to be representative . . .

    • Hayden Says:

      Are you serious? People could be pulled over for just being darker skinned? Sounds like a case of guilty till proven innocent!

      • pmadavi Says:

        The way the law was written, police in Arizona are allowed to investigate anyone who is “reasonably suspicious,” without making any further definition of the term. So it’s up to police discretion. Now, some county sheriffs have already said that their officers will not be applying this portion of the law in their jurisdiction. Other have said they plan to fully comply with the new statute. The whole thing was a political stunt to make the governor SEEM like she’s doing something about illegal immigration. It’s not really going to address the issue at all, imo.

  2. Andy Karlson Says:

    Great post! And thanks for the video of the critical mass assault–wow!

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