2010 EC Finals Magic v. Celtics Game 1


1st Half Notes:

Game1 of the Eastern Conference Finals is the furthest that Vince Carter has ever made it in the playoffs, and he’s playing like he wants to stay. He has been very aggressive. He had the Magic’s first field goal on a righty drive, ended a nearly 10 minute Magic field goal drought with a steal and dunk combo, and scored on the last possession of the half with a nice lefty finish in the paint.

Vince and Pierce covered each other in the first. Odd when Barnes is the bigger and better defender. Didn’t stop Rayray from scoring a bundle. Allen matched Carter’s aggressiveness. Tony Allen was also very aggressive – looking confident after a strong showing against LeBron James and the Cavs. He got in early thanks to a couple fouls that Pierce picked up.

Magic effectively denied the Celtics’ post games by doubling Garnett with Howard and letting Howard / Gortat handle Perkins 1 on 1. At the other end Perkins, Wallace, and Davis each took Howard 1 on 1 playing very physical and fouling when they got in trouble, limiting Dwight to 1 made field goal, and that was an awkward 8 foot push-shot over Perkins. Sheed able to draw Dwight out with his range.

Rondo and Nelson were both quiet in the first half from a scoring perspective. The C’s pick and roll d largely kept Nelson out of the paint (he forced a couple threes), and Dwight effectively discouraged Rondo. Dwight’s shotblocking led to a lot of overpassing by the Cs. The Magic could not get their P&R offense going and resorted to a lot of 1 on 1. Very few assists.

Driving guards are not being rewarded for causing contact. Not many free throws being shot by the driving smalls.

Half ends with Boston up 9.

2nd Half Notes:

Magic open up the third with a 3 from Nelson in transition. Nelson pull-up off the dribble for two more. Three or four consecutive turnovers. Nelson hits a 3 to bring the lead down to 3. 8 quick points for Nelson. Garnett, Carter, Pierce exchange baskets. Veterans stepping up.

Nice interior passing by both teams leads to some easy hoops. Celtics continue to deny Dwight (3rd foul on Perkins). Rashard’s beard is really ugly. Jameer dumb foul on Pierce leads to 3 free throws, and the lead climbs back up to 11. Howard dumb foul on Garnett after a rebound (his 3rd). Garnett getting more aggressive on the boards. Boston runs a series of swing passes and pick and rolls to free up Ray Allen for an open trey. Lead up to 16. Mike Breen butchering CBS series ads.

Perkins is doing a great job on Howard. Dwight is not able to score over him in the low post. Howard’s rebounding is causing him problems though. 5 fouls on Perk. Wallace comes in. Immediately draws a double T with Howard. Dwight called for 3 seconds. 16 turnovers on Orlando. 4:15 left in the 3rd. Boston up 19. Sheed pulls the chair. Travel called on Howard. 17 turnovers. Delay of game number 2. Technical foul. Boston up 20.

Carter another big shot to end an Orlando drought. Tons of hustle from Carter results in 2 offensive boards and a layup. Carter moves into post, draws double, and hits Reddick for an open 3. Pierce comes back at him for the and 1 layup – 13 in the quarter for Paul. Carter goes right back to the post. Draws foul on the drive. End of 3rd – C’s lead it by 16.

The Gatorade evolution commercials are not pretty during this game. They show Michael Jordan as the 1st stage of sports evolution drinking nice old fashioned Gatorade rather than water. Then they show the next stage of basketball evolution, Dwight Howard, drinking G2. But then the game shows Dwight Howard completely unable to muster any offense against a set defense. Kinda makes me want to go back and drink regular Gatorade… I think we’d all rather be like Mike.

Short playing rotations so far. C’s have used Davis, Sheed, and Tony Allen off the bench. Magic have used Reddick, Jason Williams, Marcin Gortat, and Pietrus (who probably should have started because Barnes is clearly hurting).

The fourth quarter opens ugly with 2 quick fouls on Rasheed and Howard called for offensive foul shoving off on Glen Davis. Stubs dents the hardwood. Boston breaks up the foul-fest when Sheed hits a three off a Paul Pierce pick and pop, but then there’s another Boston foul – Tony Allen on Vince Carter out top. Tony Allen with another foul on Jason Williams. Foul #5 on Boston on a Tony Allen foul on Pietrus, his third in row and fifth overall. Magic in the penalty with 9:30 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Rondo breaks the defense scheme, doubles Howard, and J Williams hits a 3. Lead down to 13. Next play Pietrus hits a 3. 10 point game.

With 4:27 Perkins comes back w/ 5 fouls. After missing two free throws he gets yanked for Rasheed. It says something that Rivers trusts Rasheed enough to defend Howard with 3:39 left. JJ Reddick makes a real difference over the next few minutes. He hits a couple layups, draws a charge, hits a jumper, and does a great job sticking with Ray Allen fighting over screens and his team wins a possession when Rashard snags a jump ball between Reddick and Rondo.

Here’s how it ends:

Dwight scores his third field goal on an offensive rebound. Boston calls timeout up 3 with 14.3 seconds left. Carter intentionally fouls Pierce. Pierce breaks a 5+ minute scoring drought for Boston. Boston up 5 with 12.9 left. Magic timeout to set up a quick three pointer. Carter drives. KG fouls. Carter hits the first. Misses the second, and Nelson tips it in. 2 point Celtics lead. Ray Allen is fouled with 6.1 seconds left. Allen hits both. 4 point Boston lead. Magic take immediate time out. Rashard misses a contested 3. Garnett rebounds and dribbles it out. Boston steals homecourt.

Big games from Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Huge credit to all the Celtics centers for going all-out battling Dwight Howard and fouling him when he got too deep. The Celtics were largely able to stick at home on the perimeter players. It was mostly Carter in the post and Nelson off the dribble creating offense for the Magic. Impressive second half from Reddick as well. I’d expect to see more of him in game 2.


2 Responses to “2010 EC Finals Magic v. Celtics Game 1”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    Gotta stay humble and keep repeating: remember the Bruins, Remember the Bruins Remember the Bruins…………………………………..

  2. Bosotn Girl Says:

    ahhh well. let’s hope the magic get the next one to extend the series. but i STILL want the re-match with the celtics!

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