Free Throws


My uncle Paul told me many times: “You gotta make your free throws, because they’re free.”

How about, “You gotta make your free throws, because the Celtics and Magic play great defense, and you aren’t getting anything easy?”

Pierce makes 2. Carter misses 2. Ball game.

That’s why one of them is nicknamed The Truth and best known for getting stabbed multiple times and not missing any time on the court, and the other one is nicknamed Half-Man and is known for missing Half-a-Season.

2-0 going home.


5 Responses to “Free Throws”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    One of the main reaons the Celts lost to the magic last year (other than missing KG) was Turkoloo (sic). He presented a matchup that the Celts struggled with.

    Carter may make more highlight clips on ESPN, but at half time last night on the Celt’s radio broadcast they said he had 10-12 pts, but 0 assists and 0 rebounds.

    Uncle Paul is dead on. This ain’t no fantasy league, this is NBA playoff basketball.

    • pmadavi Says:

      Hey! Our fantasy league charges you -1 for a missed free throw. That means if you get one of two, you get jack.

      JVG and Jackson last night were saying you can’t just dump it down to Howard and live with him getting fouled. I disagree. They fouled out Pierce and Perkins last night, and could’ve fouled out Big Baby, and Sheed on top of that. If you do that, all of a sudden Tony Allen and Nate Robinson are out there. Part of the problem was Howard trying hook shots, rather than trying to dunk every time. He’s got to want to tear down the rim.

  2. High Above Courtside Says:

    Yeah, I tuned those dudes out during the Cleveland series when it became evident that a national broadcast turned into a Cleveland broadcast. The only city in America that realizes the Celts won that series is Boston. The rest of the country believes that the Cav’s lost.

    (nice blog on Experience by the way)

    The Celts proved with Bron Bron that ain’t no one man going to beat this team. So let DH shoot free throws, water will find it’s own level and DH will end up shooting 60% from the line.

    Celt’s had another 6 fouls on the bench if necessary with Scal on the bench. They may deactivate Robinson and activate Sheldon Williams which would give them another 6 fouls too.

    By the way Carter did end up with 1 reb and 1 asssist.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Williams played a few minutes in one playoff game, so I think he is active. Garnett had a few fouls left as well. With Pierce’s physical strength and Rashard’s recent bout with sucking, I wonder if they couldn’t go small once in a while with the “big 4” and either Tony or Finley just for a more mobile unit with new fouls. Actually about half of Perkins’s fouls are for moving screens, so if he cut that out, that would be more minutes for our best defender on Dwight and 2 more fouls right there.

      • High Above Courtside Says:

        Williams was not active last night due to a “sore” back. That’s
        why they activated Scal.

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