Lakers Versus Suns Game Four Notes

  • Watching that great Lakers versus Suns game last night, it’s become very clear that the Western Conference Finals will be about the role players on each team, and how they react to playing on the road.  Suns were only 22-19 on the road this year. A blazing 32-9 at home. Lakers were even better at home, 34-7. My purely empirical evidence tells me that both teams rely on their role players.  These players tend to have a tough time on the road and typically play better at home where they are comfortable, and the crowd is solidly behind them.  Last night’s great performances by Channing Fry, Goran Drajic, and Jared Dudley were counterparts to the great home performances by Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, and Jordan Farmar in games one and two.
  • It’s going to be tough for Phil Jackson to figure what to do with Andrew Bynum.  He was great on the offensive boards last night, and made some great offensive plays in general.  However, his bulky knee brace is keeping him from rotating defensively.  It caused the Lakers real problems in the second half of the game, especially since Lamar Odom was not producing on either end of the floor.
  • Kobe Bryant’s play is off the charts right now.  That combined with home court advantage should give the Lakers the series.  Make no mistake though, it will be close and hugely entertaining.

One Response to “Lakers Versus Suns Game Four Notes”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Kobe is really playing unbelievable ball right now. It’s like he was saving all his focus and will for this moment.

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