Celtics Game 4 Debacle turning into Game 6 Catastrophe?


Doc Rivers is too classy to whine about officiating, and Ainge has to pretend to be classy because he’s management, so allow me to vent for them!

We all agree that the Celtics blew it at the end of the Game 4. True there is the totally uneven technical foul calling that I sited in yesterday’s post, which actually did cost them the game. True there’s the Jameer bank-in accidental hero three, the type of Marbury-esque game saving move that will actually miss and take you out of 8 out of 10 games. But let’s face it. If Boston has executed 1 time in the last few possessions of regulation, they could have ended things at home.

Now the C’s went and, predictably, got crushed on the road and in the process may have lost their two most important defensive players for Dwight Howard. Kendrick Perkins, a technical foul magnet since he makes faces and isn’t famous enough to get away with it, was ejected with two pathetically unnecessary technical fouls before halftime of game 5. Big deal, right? Wrong. Those were Perkins’ 6th and 7th technical fouls of the post-season. 7 technicals means a mandatory 1 game suspension.

It’s a ludicrous notion considering the fact that 4 of the 7 technicals were referee “split the difference” double technicals called whenever two biggish players lock up and the refs can’t make a real foul call. Let me also interject that in the playoffs, if nobody is actively trying to disable his opponent, then that’s not a technical foul. The refs’ delicate sensibilities and league’s desire to take all the edge out of the game makes technical fouls far too arbitrary. There’s a suspension likely to take place due to 100% subjective calls in situations where there was never any danger of harm. The calls helped in no way. They didn’t stop a brawl (and that’s what this is about – Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson). They didn’t do anything that a ref breaking up a scramble of players or walking away from heated words wouldn’t have solved just as easily. I would say that the league should show some mercy here, but they suspended Amare and Diaw for standing up and taking three steps and then sitting back down. And Amare was famous and making a lot of money. I don’t think Perk is even going to get to make the case.

So the Celtics are facing a game six at home, the perfect close out game situation for them, and potentially they will be without their starting center and best defensive option on Dwight Howard. Compounding the problem, Dwight Howard (who finished the game with 2 fouls in 40 minutes of play and no double technicals in his lock-ups with Celtics bigs and has a winning smile AND was featured in McDonald’s commercials… incidentally), gave reserve Celtic big man, Glen Davis a concussion. His status for game 6 is now suspect as well.

Anyway this series has already been extended by the refs making (and then on the other end of the court not-making) technical foul calls. If Perkins misses game 6, and it costs Boston their last chance to close the series at home, the refs may have actually decided the series with technical foul calls as well. I’ve complained in the past that I honestly don’t tune into NBA games because I love to watch Joey Crawford be an oversensitive bully with a whistle, but if the egos of officials and the Artest-terror of the league actually turn out to be the deciding factor in the series… then what percentage of the game is competition, and what percentage is marketing and image-protection? If I want to watch that, I’ll flip over to E!


5 Responses to “Celtics Game 4 Debacle turning into Game 6 Catastrophe?”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    Word this morning in Boston is that Baby (the ticket stub) will be out of 6 due to missing teeth and a concussion. Sheed’s back is out.

    Not a good situation

  2. pmadavi Says:

    The Association Office will definitely rescind those T’s on Perkins. Both of them, I think. But definitely #7. That one was clearly B.S. And while I agree that the double-T is an abused tool by the refs, maybe if you’re the Celtics coaching staff, you let Perkins know that was his 6th technical. And maybe, if you’re Kendrick Perkins, you shut your big fat yap, and don’t gesticulate after EVERY call. You see the same rotation of fewer refs in the playoffs. And they see you a lot. There is such a thing as cumulative effect, and Kendrick complains and whines after every single call. He’s to blame here as well.

    That Glenn Davis K.O. was a little scary. I knew as soon as I saw him lying on the floor he was out. And then when he was trying to get up, well I’ve seen enough MMA fights to know what a dude who is out on his feet looks like.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      You’re right. The second tech was rescinded. Henry Abbott brought up an interesting point asking why it takes overnight for the league to review a call on a situation lasting 6 seconds? If the league officials were at the game or simply had the necessary review equipment on hand, they could likely have saved the Cs from having to play without Perk for the second half and maybe even saved Stub from getting Chuck Liddelled into next week by having Perk on the floor instead of him. I still say if Perk was a marketable name, he doesn’t get a single tech last night.

      • pmadavi Says:

        Perkins should have the cognitive ability to understand that nobody gives a crap about him, and he will get T’d up for acting like a petulant child.

      • jpalumbo Says:

        Have you seen Perkinsí forehead? The man has pleats in his skull. Iím surprised he has the cognitive ability to put his jersey on right-side-up.

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