2010 NBA Finals 4th Quarter Notes


84 – 64 Lakers.

Interior pass from Baby to Sheed for a dunk. 18 point game. Kobe forces one against Pierce. Front rim. Celtics lazy turnover in the backcourt (unforced). Gasol with 1st flop of the 4th off a Wallace shove. Gasol 1 for 2 at the stripe. Pierce driving lay-up. 17 point game. Odom missed jumper. Pierce turnover on a carry (spin move at the top of the key against a double team). Gasol missed running hook. Nate Robinson draws a lot of attention dribbling around the three point line – knifes a pass to Baby for a layup. 15 point game. Bryant missed J. Garnett made J off p/r w/ Robinson. 13 point game. Odom missed J. Pierce gets Gasol on a switch, drives, and gets fouled. Time out Phil Jackson.

Pierce makes 2 free throws. 11 point game. Farmer comes hard off a Gasol pick and roll for a layup. Garnett misses a tipdunk. 13 point game. Gasol hits a hook over Garnett. 15 point game. LATE foul called on Odom on a Ray Allen drive to the rim. Good call – restricted zone. Ray makes both. 13 point game. Farmar chased off that same pick and roll. Davis draws a loose ball foul on an offensive rebound. 5 on Odom. 6:42 left. Artest stuffs Glen Davis at the rim, and nobody for Boston gets back stop a Gasol dunk. 15 point game. Time out Doc Rivers.

Commercial teaching us how great Kobe is in the contest of the NBA’s history. I’d say from this Nike ad, that he’s better than the next ten best players combined. He even has 4 rings… and 1 Finals MVP. Worth noting that the Laker’s run to build the lead back up came with Bryant sitting.

Stat: Lakers rebounds 34. Celtics rebounds 17.

Ray Allen draws a foul off the time out. Allen makes both. 13 point game. 6 minutes left. 24 second violation for LA off mad scramble for loose ball. Garnett misses 2 point blank layups back to back! He can’t catch tonight. Odom makes his layup at the other end. 15. 4 points swing. Doc Rivers uses another time out.

Pierce hits a pull up. 13 point game. 5 minutes. Pierce called for meaningless foul poking at a post entry feed to Bryant. Unnecessary. Kobe offensive board. Pierce with block / steal on Kobe forced shot. Kobe fouls Pierce at other end. Another unnecessary whistle. Pierce makes both. 11 point game. Odom lefty hook off double on Kobe. 13 point game. Pierce drives. No foul that time? Boston can’t get it to single digits. 3 minutes. Celtics overpassing. Rondo missed J. Kobe missed J. Unforced TO. Kobe splits a pair. 14. Pierce makes 2. 12. 2:00 left.

More Boston turnovers. Kobe makes some free throws. Artest hits a 3 off a double team on Kobe. Game.

Wrap up: The Lakers wanted it more. Gasol had as many rebounds (14) as Garnett, Perkins, Wallace, and Davis combined. Kobe had a Michael Jordan stat-line (fairly average for Jordan actually), but he played with great energy and got after it on defense, hit some big shots to help build the 20 point lead going into the 4th. Artest did his job, making it hard for Pierce and taking advantage of defensive attention paid to Bryant and Gasol. Paul had a good game. He shot well and got his points, but the energy wasn’t their for Boston at all. They did not come to play. 1 – 0 Lakers.


2 Responses to “2010 NBA Finals 4th Quarter Notes”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    PM had it right when he posted about Gasol’s (the Llama) improved play. The Celt’s got killed down low–if they don’t right the ship it will be a short series.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      The Lakers exposed 2 major problems with Boston. They are not used to being outsized at all three front court positions, and they tend to rebound on length and strength rather than ball pursuit. Not going to work here. They need to team rebound all game. Then there’s the fact that of their major minute guys only Pierce and Allen can space the floor. So if Rondo’s not the guy creating for others, then Pierce probably is, so Allen HAS to be on the floor. When Ray was in perpetual foul trouble last night (and I honestly don’t think he committed 2 of his five fouls), it basically turned the offense into a complete pile up.

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