Game 6 NBA Finals Quarter by Quarter Notes


Quarter 1: Things looking horrible for Boston right now. Kobe is still riding the walrus and can’t miss. Lakers are turning the ball over and having it bounce back into their hands and throwing blind passes to no one only to have the Celtic closest to the ball bobble it or trip or something. Artest is hitting corner threes. Phil Jackson finally put in Brown instead of Farmar or Sasha, and Boston has trouble with the athleticism and size of the Bryant / Brown combination. Overall the Lakers’ energy is better and they are more aggressive. Celtics are overpassing inside instead of taking open shots. Celtics run another pointless iso with Pierce up top to ruin a chance to score at the end of 1. Lakers lead by 10 and deserve to. Worst of all, Perkins got helped off the court after twisting his knee on a rebound attempt against Kobe and Bynum. Let’s see if Boston packs it in after this.

Quarter 2: Boston still hasn’t had a bounce in this game, and now Sasha is hitting shots (he does that with a double digit lead). Don’t think it’s a green night. Team’s not putting out the effort, and the Lakers are all happy little homebodies who can’t miss any shot. That’s why Pierce didn’t want to come back to LA. Role players are better at home. Boston not running sets and taking desperation shots with the clock running out. Wallace just picked up foul 3 and almost got his 7th technical. Celtics are fresh out of centers. Even the hustle plays are really rolling to the home team. Boston has no chance in this type of game because they can’t score enough to win without winning the looseballs. Perk had an x-ray. Really bad. Lakers up so much, PJax put in Josh Powell. Officials are doing a good job tonight. Kobe going for the kill in the second quarter. Celtics will be lucky to be down 20 at the half tonight. Derek Fisher freaks out exactly like Rasheed when his 3rd foul is called. Someone tell him the score. Extended time for Shelden Williams. LA DOMINATING the boards 30-13.

Halftime notes: Lakers put together a 10 point lead in the first quarter. Lakers put together a 10 point margin in the second quarter. Lakers lead by 20 at half time, and the way the Celtics are playing, the Lakers may lead by 30 at the end of the the 3rd quarter and 40 by the end of the 4th quarter. I wish THIS was the tequila post. Doc tells us that Perk is definitely out for the rest of the game and will be re-evaluated after the game.

Quarter 3: Officials are whistling Fisher for his fouls tonight. He has 4 personals in 19 minutes. Brown back in – makes a nice knockaway to break up an alleyhoop to Garnett. Davis is fighting like crazy for boards to little effect. Bynum headed back to the lockerroom. Not sure what’s wrong for him. Celtics miss three layups to start the third. 2 uncontested. Refs continue to let the bigs play, and Boston is wasting that leeway. Gasol does the backwards highfive. Lame. 20 point lead. Garnett flops. Gasol flops on two consecutive possessions. Those two are scrapping. Kobe has 8 boards with 5:21 left in the 3rd. Gasol throws an alleyhoop to Brown that is just out of the world. Incredible leaper. Kobe continues to aggressively take it to the rim. Mike Breen tells us that there’s plenty of time left as Kobe goes to the line. Thanks, Mike. Pierce hasn’t got a foul called while driving into contact once tonight. I’d like that to even out a little because Kobe is getting those calls. Otherwise it’s been an evenly officiated game. Hopefully game 7 is the same. Rondo goes down to an Artest elbow to the jaw (unintentional) and gets up shaky. Boston with 0 points off the bench. 25 point lead at the end of 3. Boston played twice as well as in the first or second. They slowed the Lakers dominance down to a 5 point lead increase.

Quarter 4: To dispute my praise of the officials tonight, Bill Simmons writes: “sportsguy33: Not counting the 4 game-clinching FT’s in Game 5, the Celts have shot 15 FT’s in the last 7 quarters… wow. ” That’s pretty rough. Maybe a benefit of the doubt whistle now and then? Like when Gasol shoves Shelden Williams under the backboard on a rebound? No? That’s okay. Give it to us next game. Lead is 27. Ugg! Tony Allen took a jump shot. Everytime he shoots an angel’s wings are set on fire. Nate Robinson scores Boston’s first bench points with 10 minutes left in the 4th on a difficult reverse. It looks like Doc has thrown in the towel. Rondo the only starter on the floor with 9 minutes left down 26. Well, at least Chris Jericho is hosting the most bizarre game show this side of Japan. We all look forward to that. Ray Allen is back on the floor for some reason. Nobody is passing for Boston so it doesn’t help to have him there. Kobe draws a technical foul out of sheer boredom – actually because Tony Allen figured out that the refs stopped caring 15 points ago and aren’t calling anything anymore. Doc’s got Pierce out there now. Not sure what he’s thinking. JVG says he’s just testing out different lineups. How about trying out Williams, Scallabrine, Finley, Tony, and Daniels? They could use some exercise. Nope. Here’s KG too. No point. Lead is still 23 with 5:30 left. Sheed has missed 6 threes in this game. In comes Davis. Tony Allen fighting very hard to defend Kobe, but the refs have to call that much physicality. Tony crestfallen. KG and Pierce hit the pine. Marquis Daniels is in baby! And he nails a 3. Bang! Kobe still in there. Gets inside and nobody takes his head off. Kevin McHale is rolling over in Bill Laimbeer’s grave. Statpad time for Mamba!

LA crowd tries to match Boston classlessness with a “Boston Sucks” chant. Too bad the LA fans get bored and can’t maintain it because the Celtics should hear it until the very end. They scored 67 points in that game. 67. Barkley had 56 by himself in 1994. By himself.

Game 7 ahead. Can Boston go the whole playoffs without losing back to back games? If not, my spite and venom for them will deepen to a black so dark the human mind shrinks before the very imagining of it. This kind of loss of focus and lack of effort would never have happened if Kevin Garnett was still on the team.


4 Responses to “Game 6 NBA Finals Quarter by Quarter Notes”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    It really does come down to the role players. Neither bench can out-perform the other one on the road. It’s down to the last game of the season, which is most definitely Kobe time. The Boston starters will need to be off the charts to take Game 7.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      They need Allen to explode and Pierce and Garnett to sell out at both ends for 40 minutes apiece. To have a chance. Also Rondo needs to curtail the turnovers and stop taking impossible floaters going full speed. I think hes trying to avoid drawing fouls and going to the line, where hes currently embarrassing Dennis Rodman.

      • High Above Courtside Says:

        A great and unexpected run has come to an end. They got a lot farther than I ever thought they would

      • jpalumbo Says:

        Classic Boston fatalism. Love it. But let’s kick these motherfudging Lakers’ goddamn asses tomorrow anyway, okay?

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