2010 NBA Finals Game 7: Live Game Notes


This series was so poorly played and officiated, I’m going to go watch soccer. As a form of masochist penance and protest. Viva La Futbol.

Oh, series MVP should go to the viewing public for putting up with this nightmare of Ray Allen clanging wide open jumpers, Kobe forcing a never-ending stream of contested jumpers, missed Laker’s free throws, missed Celtics layups, unforced turnovers, massively lopsided foul calling, and Celtics who can’t catch a rebound when they have position. These teams are damn lucky they didn’t run into a former runner up like the 2002 Kings or 1998 Jazz, cause they would have got swept by a team who could execute an offense. Everyone is touting the defense… I call bunk on that. LA gave up contact drives that weren’t whistled fouls and wide open jumpers for the best jump shooter in the league. That’s a recipe for losing that happened to work because Ray Allen died after game 2, and his android double was calibrated by the geniuses at BP. Boston gave up tip dunks on half the rebounds in the game and 37 foul shots. That’s not good defense holding these scores down. It’s inability to finish plays. Both of these teams are also lucky they didn’t run into themselves from 2008, because they would have got their butts kicked.

I’m glad this trainwreck is over, though it’s taken me 2:30 hours to calm down enough to erase my hateful game notes and write this hateful series wrap-up because of the way it ended (20 more free throws including just 2 intentional ones at the end of the game? Maybe Joey Crawford should get that finals MVP instead of us fans). Time to start dreaming about watching LeBron and Dirk every day on the MSG or YES networks. Sorry Cleveland and Dallas. We New Yorkers have suffered through the Wilson Chandler era for long enough.


7 Responses to “2010 NBA Finals Game 7: Live Game Notes”

  1. High Above Courtside Says:

    I come to bury Caesar, (and the Celtics) not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. (and tired legs)

    “Julius Caesar” Scene III Act II

  2. pmadavi Says:

    Been looking at Kobe’s career numbers. He could finish 3rd-5th in all time points. He will get a 6th rings. He might get as many as 8-10 rings, if he is willing to do it as a second or third fiddle. I’m not sure how much that desire to pass MJ on the scoring list will keep him in the league. He is 6.5K behind MJ. That’s 4-6 years if he keeps his scoring average up.

    Also, here is my prediction on LeBron’s impending announcement – it’ll be a huge disappointment. The only crowd pleasing solution is bringing someone to Cleveland with him, which seems unlikely. Ultimately, he will be no more of a threat than he was this year. Money talks. I don’t see the Lakers getting any worse next year.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      I think Kobeís becoming the greatest ever in popular opinion is unstoppable at this point. The media has already washed away the fact that he was not the best player on his first three title teams. At this point the kids, who will grow into the adults, whose opinions will teach the next generation, obviously donít see the 42% shooting. They just see the incredibly tough shot that was made (probably on sportscenter or even youtube) and forget the 4 additional tough shots that didnít fall Ė which is natural. We all do that. I remember Bird missing like twice in 5 years. To them Shaq is a terrible sidekick to LeBron who was awful in Phoenix too. How could they possibly conceive of him outshining Kobe? Could they really conceive of anyone outshining Kobe?

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