Post Season Punishment


If you pay as much for Rudy Gay, as somebody else does for Dirk Nowitzki, then as punishment, you should be forced to use the prior Collective Bargaining Agreement once the new one is in place.  Once again, general managers have proven over this off season that they are willing to pay way too much for players.  I find it somewhat offensive that teams regularly over pay role players, and then demand a new CBA.  They need protection from themselves, I suppose.  In any case, here’s the big news in Free Agency thus far.

The Lakers picked up Steve Blake for $16 million over four years.  This is not a bad deal.  Blake is a good outside shooter, a superb ball handler, and an adept passer.  He’s a solid defender, though he does not have the . . . moxy that Derek Fisher does.  In any case, the guy CAN start and maybe should start.  Whenever you get a key guy like Blake for $4 million a year, that’s a good deal.  Considering that Fisher’s return to L.A. is suspect . . .

The Memphis Grizzlies decided to offer Rudy Gay $80 million dollars over five years.  If you do that math, that works out to $16 million per year.  So they’re offering a guy who gets you 19 points and six rebounds the same amount of money that LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh will get per season.  Can you even say Gay is as good as Bosh, let alone James and Wade?  Not a good move by Memphis.  This will saddle them for a while.

Watch out Salmons! I'm coming for that Dumbest Facial Hair in Milwaukee Trophy!

The Milwaukee Bucks have continued their moving and shaking which began last season.  Gone are Dan Gadzuric (when that deal went down you could hear a burst of cheers coming from Milwaukee all the way here in Madison), and Joe Alexander, in is Corey “The Yeti” Maggette.  Resigned is John Salmons.  Fish was offered $40 million over five years.  Interestingly enough, his numbers (20 and 3) are similar to Gay’s.  He just costs half as much, apparently.  Who knew three RPG were so expensive?  The Bucks also picked up Drew Gooden for $32 million over five years.  Now, we can all agree that Gooden’s goatie is gross.  His 10 points, eight rebounds, and hustle is a good pick up for just over $6 million per year.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are so pleased with the addition of Al Jefferson to their squad that they’ve gone ahead and signed Darko Milicic to a $20 million, four year deal.  Would you pay $5 million per year for six points and five rebounds per game?  Those rich folk and their crack rock!  Put down the pipe, David Kahn!

Dirk Nowitzki opted out so he could get himself a new contract.  This was a good move, despite the $16 million left on the original deal.  Dirk got himself something stable as we head into the inevitably strike shortened season a year from now.  So Dirk is now getting $80 million over four years.  That’s max plus Bird rule money.   Given that Dirk is one of the true offensive powerhouses in the league, it seems like a good deal for the Mavericks.  It also makes Rudy Gay’s deal look even more moronic.

So that’s the big stuff so far.  We’re still waiting on LeBron, and Wade to make their decisions.  But like I said in the podcast, nothing will significantly change this off season.  If there’s anything NBA players love as much as (and in a lot of cases more than) winning, it’s money, and you can’t have two max players on one team and win games.  That’s because basketball is still a team sport, and you can’t get 10 guys for $30 million dollars.  Sorry New York fans, looks like you’ll see Stoudemire and bunch of scrubs for about the next five years.  But hey, at least that past five years of your basketball lives was completely wasted to boot.


3 Responses to “Post Season Punishment”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Of course, Amare has otherwise to say:
    “I’ve talked to Carmelo Anthony and [told him] that he needs to come here,” Stoudemire said while standing on the corner of 47th St. and 8th Ave. after the show. “I’ve talked to Tony Parker. Both guys are ready to join me if I decide to come here. So we’ll see if we can work it out.”

  2. Leonie Goss Says:

    Not sure how that cash works out. Knicks are gonna eat that salary tax. Nom Nom Nom.

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