NJ Nets Summerleague – Damien James


I know summer ball is not indicative of regular season ball, but I’ve been watching as much as I can, and I’ve been pretty impressed with Nets 1st round pick, Damien James. A lot of rookies, Favors including, seem a little behind the play on a lot of sets, but James has been consistently up to speed. He’s finishing plays, making his shots, and playing defense.

He was projected to be a step slow as a small forward, but the Nets are playing James at the shooting guard, and he’s been very solid. 30 points against Orlando on 9-18 from the field is not bad in this sort of game where the organization in the half court sets is second rate.

Derek Favors did show excellent touch on a few low post possessions, but he has been horribly foul prone and slow to get into sets.

Terrence Williams has shown the ability to get wherever he wants on the floor and get shots off against a set defense, but he’s also been a remorseless shooting machine with no regard for the sanity of his coaching staff. And in the game against Orlando he shot like he’d gone blind in one eye. Still with his explosiveness he could be a nice combo guard off the bench for the Nets, creating havoc off the dribble like a Nate Robinson.

I’m still not sure if the Nets have any possible starters on this summer league squad, but they do have at least three rotation players, who are all pretty exciting to watch. Good news for those of us with the YES network and a basketball blog to write… which I imagine may be a list of one.


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