Building the Heat


Okay, so this has turned into an all-Heat all the time website. We aren’t Heat fans particularly, but we are intrigued by this new three max + all min set up. So here we go.

Miami has an MVP Small Forward (who can also play point guard, shooting guard, and power forward), an All-NBA Shooting Guard (who can also play point guard and an undersized small forward), and an All-Star Power Forward (who can also play an uptempo center if necessary). They need a starting caliber center and a shooter who can defend point guards (he does not need to be able to dribble or make plays for himself or others).

Rumors are that the 4 player team is trying to sign guard – forward Mike Miller, center Joel Anthony, power forward Udonis Haslem, and point guard Derek Fisher. I have no idea how they could possibly afford all of these guys. I think Wade, Bosh, and LeBron would have to agree to subsidize their pay personally. As far as I know they still need to work out keeping restricted free agent Mario Chalmers. If Riley can work it out, he’s probably the devil. I was pretty sure that was the case back when he was coaching the Lakers, so it would come as no surprise.

In case Pat isn’t the lord of darkness, here is a list of players that might help the Heat.


1) Joel Prizbilla – Ultra efficient, foul prone and coming off an injury, he has been starting in place of Greg Oden for the Portland Trailblazers for the last few years. He’s a high rate rebounder and low turnover guy who would be perfect next to Bosh. He won’t move for cheap and Portland would be crazy not to fight to keep him.

2) Brad Miller – An aging, never mobile 7 footer, he can hold position on defense and hit a jumper on offense. A good skill to have with ultra-athletic wings who will want to have clear space in the paint. Also a good passer. I’m not sure if Chicago will be interested in putting money into him or not. He’s good piece for them as well.

3) Joel Anthony – Young, athletic, knows the system, not expecting to do anything except block shots and rebound. He’s not really starter material, but on this team he might not need to be.

Floor Spacer (preferably point guard)

1) Mike Miller – He’s the most talented shooter available, they are already after him, but can they afford him?

2) Luke Ridnour – Minneapolis is apparently after him, and the Bucks may want to resign him, so their could be a mini-bidding war, but he’d be a great fit.

3) Eddie House – Not a starter but a champion. New York probably won’t work too hard to re-sign him, and he’d fit great down here. Boston may chase him as well.

4) Derek Fisher – He can’t do it very often, but he steps up in big moments. Like House he would be a nice backup to Chalmers. LA may match any offer though they underbid early.

Hilarious but helpful pickups:

1) Deshawn Stevenson – Has running “feud” with LeBron and plays the same positions as James and Wade, but he can shoot and defend, and LeBron is versatile enough to fit him in.

2) Jordan Farmar – Just to stick it to LA for letting him go in favor of Blake. He’s actually a very good player and good shooter, so he might belong up above, but I don’t think Miami can afford him.

3) Shaquille O’Neal – Just kidding. Shaq’s not playing for Riley again.

There are actually a whole lot of unrestricted free agents out there, many of whom are former Heat players. The pieces are out there to be picked up, but there are a lot of teams who worked tirelessly to create cap space the last few years who did NOT manage pick up LeBron, Wade, or Bosh who will be right there outbidding MephistaphoRiley at every turn.


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