Chicago Signing up Shooters


The Bulls have signed Kyle Korver and JJ Redick to fill the designated floor spacer role that was left empty when they traded away Kirk Hinrick for cap space. Not bad pieces, but Korver, though he is possibly the best three point shooter in the game today, is nowhere near as versatile or defensively sound as Kirk. Meanwhile Redick is likely to retained by the Magic – he is a restricted free agent and played very well for them against the Celtics in the EC Finals.

People are moaning over how badly LeBron hurt the Cavs in free agency by waiting until the last second to announce the decision he made months ago to join Wade and Bosh in Cuba USA. However, the Bulls were another team waiting with baited breath for the King’s decree who missed out on the opportunity to approach lesser talents in free agency. Could they have enticed Joe Johnson to leave a little money behind or worked out a sign and trade with Atlanta? We’ll never know, but Rose, Johnson, Deng, Boozer, and Noah sounds like a possible NBA Finalist to me. He is a perfect fit for the team and even has what it takes to replace Hinrick’s versatility.

They could have made a push for Gay or Allen or Pierce as well. Whether they would have landed any of those players, who can say? But they would probably like a do-over on this free agent bonanza where they stood pat waiting for the biggest domino to fall.

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