Raymond Felton Joins the New York Knicks


I like Raymond Felton, and I am intrigued by this pick up for the Knicks. Raymond was the fifth player taken in the 2005 NBA Draft, taken directly after Deron Williams and Chris Paul. He has always paled in comparison to those All-NBA guards, but his game is complete, and he is a true starting caliber floor general. Felton is a solid point guard, a good decision-maker, a good defender, a decent shooter and athlete and a real gamer.

I have never seen him play at a high tempo, so that will be a new thing. Is he capable of playing the lead guard in Mike D’Antoni’s 7 seconds or less offense? He is a good if unspectacular half court point guard, so I would expect him to be able to make nice reads coming off those Amare Stoudemire pick and roll plays. The Knicks have some nice options on the wings as well with deep shooter Danilo Gallinari and athletic finishers Wilson Chandler, Toney Douglas, and Bill Walker.

The Knicks need one more really good player to be a playoff threat. I’m not sure who that might be but an impossible comeback season from TMac would do it. Come on TMac’s spine! Work with us!


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