Johnsons – DJ and Gus; Posthumous HoF Teammates


DJ bringing it up

I realize that I neglected our two Hall of Fame Inductees who have passed away.  It wasn’t meant as a slight.  The basketball articles and insight into their games are a little beyond me.  I saw DJ in his last four or five seasons as a Celtic when I was very young.  I remember trusting him to make the right play and hit big shots.  Gus I never saw.

Their careers achievements are no secret:

Dennis Johnson – 3 NBA Championships, 1 Finals MVP, 9 All-Defense Teams, 5 All-Star Games, 2 All-NBA Teams

Gus Johnson – 1 ABA Championship, 5 All-NBA Teams, 5 All-Star Teams, 2 All-Defense Teams

But their induction is about more than sport at this point.  It is about recognition and honoring the accomplishments not just of these individuals but of their families, who supported them and miss them.  Watching Donna Johnson (Dennis’s wife) break down at the mic in the induction ceremony this morning was touching.  We forget that these people are more than numbers on a stat sheet or figures making plays on a flashing screen.  They mattered in a much more significant setting to family, friends, and teammates who loved them.

Gus rising over the D

I’m sure a lot of fans are unhappy that these players were not inducted in their lifetimes, but there’s a higher meaning to being inducted posthumously.  The honor is shared, a sign of respect not just to the inductee but to all the people he impacted.


4 Responses to “Johnsons – DJ and Gus; Posthumous HoF Teammates”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    I can’t wait until you’re inducted. I’m going to run you ragged in the introduction.

    • jpalumbo Says:

      Only a minister like Andy has the moral authority to induct me into the basketblog HoF.

      • pmadavi Says:

        I guess that’s fine . . . if you want your introduction to be about Bert Farve.

      • jpalumbo Says:

        Andy already knows what my introduction speech / eulogy should be, and his time on the Madison Boy’s Choir will serve him well: “They said I probly shouldn’t be a surgeon. They pu-pued my electric frankfurter. They said I probly shouldn’t fly with just one eye. I am Bender, please insert girder.”

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