Broussard: Heat Are LeBron’s Team Now


In his latest column, Oberlin College alumnus and ESPN standout Chris Broussard explains why the Heat will become LeBron’s team when hindsight can be applied, and why haters are dead wrong about LeBron.

LeBron James doesn’t need his own team. One thing that’s been lost in all the condemnation, all the censure, all the “LeBron’s an egomaniac”-driven derision these past few months is that the two-time MVP sacrificed individual stardom for a team goal.

He almost certainly won’t win a third straight MVP award this season, since having a top-five teammate is a huge voter deterrent (which explains why Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant have but one MVP apiece). Instead of being “The King,” he’s willingly become one of “Three Kings,” as the signing party in Miami so brazenly advertised the night after “The Decision.” And his days of averaging 30 points a game are done, at least for the next few seasons.

Heck, he’s even been a wingman — allowing Wade to sit or stand in the more prominent middle spot — in most photos and interviews the Big Three, SuperFriends or whatever you’re calling them have done. And in Tuesday’s 105-89 preseason trouncing of Detroit, his first game with this historic club, his name was called first in the player introductions, not last (Wade got that honor) as is typically the case with a team’s best player.

It’s quite obvious LeBron isn’t concerned with having his own team. The irony, however, is that as long as he’s in his prime, he will.


2 Responses to “Broussard: Heat Are LeBron’s Team Now”

  1. jpalumbo Says:

    Don’t you feel like anybody with a semblance of common sense was in this camp already? The better player and natural leader always rises. Hell, Riley had to nickname Kareem “Captain” to convince him it was still his team when Magic had clearly completely taken command by his third season. Charisma, passion, and talent are undeniable.

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