Heat vs. Pistons Pre-Season Notes


It’s late, and the big three didn’t even play in the 4th quarter. In fact the big three barely even played in the first quarter since Wade pulled up lame with a strained hammy in the first few minutes. LeBron was predictably dominating, and Bosh was predictably opportunistic and efficient. Other teams seem to be predictably in trouble. I have only two notes on this game:

1) The Heat need to give a lineup of Wade, Miller, James, Haslem, and Bosh a lot of minutes. The mobility and shooting skills that Bosh and Haslem bring to the front court make it basically impossible for opposing defenses to cover the sideline pick and roll plays AND successfully box out. Anthony is nice and bulky, but he’s a big tub of nothing out there on offense.

2) The Pistons have ridiculous skills duplication at every position. Stuckey and Bynum look different but do the same things. Hamilton and Gordon look different but do the same things. Prince, Charlie V, and Daye look all kinds of ways and do pretty much the same things at different levels. Big Ben and Maxiel? Same things. The outliers are the rookie Monroe and the trauma ward veteran McGrady.


2 Responses to “Heat vs. Pistons Pre-Season Notes”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    I wish I had NBAtv dammit. Though my buddy Clint does, and he’s always down for sporting events at his place. I was pretty disappointed when I heard that Wade went down. Then I realized that’s just more minutes for . . . wait for it . . . JO-EL ANTHONY, SON!!!! Told you he would start!

    How was the crowd? Was it full?

    • jpalumbo Says:

      It was hard to tell on TV, but Marv (Announced by Marv, McHale, and CWebb) said it started packed and cleared out about midway through the 3rd.

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