Gilbert Arenas Continues To Make Bad Choices

by reported this morning that Gilbert Arenas’s sore knee that kept him out of last night’s game was a hoax.  According to Arenas, he faked the injury so that Nick Young could get more playing time in the game.  Young played 31 minutes.  Arenas played zero, in what would have been his first home game in Washington DC since he was suspended 50 games due to menacing the Wizard’s locker-room with a handgun.

This latest incident was classic Arenas.  Motivated by a desire to be liked and appreciated by his teammates, and the basketball population at large, Arenas chose a boneheaded approach to selflessness.  Rather than openly discussing with his coach and teammates why he believed Nick Young should receive more minutes in the preseason game, and then maturely and responsibly dealing with the team’s decision to either heed or override his advice, Arenas chose to lie.

It’s the second disturbing action that Arenas has taken this preseason.  Arenas has already conceded leadership of the Wizards, if he ever truly had it, to John Wall.  After an early preseason game, Arenas public stated that his goal was to “teach John Wall the ins and outs of the game and then eventually go on and move on . . .”

Like many of the baffling choices Arenas makes, these incidents damage himself as much as they do the integrity of the team.  As someone who already stretches trust with his behavior, Arenas has put up serious warning signs by publicly declaring his intention to abandon the Wizards once Wall has his NBA legs.  In addition, he has now shown that he will lie, for whatever the reason, to the coaches and media with impunity.  Just where does Arenas think he’s going to be welcomed once Wall is ready to lead the Wizards?  Just who does he think will want to welcome a liar?  Who wants to deal with him?  His bad choices continue to diminish his market value, and it’s a troubling sign for his future as a basketball player and a person.


3 Responses to “Gilbert Arenas Continues To Make Bad Choices”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Lastest update is that the Wizards have fined Arenas for his actions. It would be nice to hear what Nick Young did, if anything, to try to persuade Arenas to do otherwise.

  2. jpalumbo Says:

    I think Arenas had the GMs at “brandishing guns in the lockerroom”. Now that we know he’s loony, he’s in a position to really push the envelope here. What are the odds that he tweets a picture of his junk to David Stern within the next few weeks? I feel like he could be starting for the Bobcats or backing up Allen Iverson in Turkey by the time the season starts, and everyone would just shrug.

    • pmadavi Says:

      I’m just worried for the guy. He burns through money, and once this contract is up, I don’t see him getting another deal anywhere. Turkey I guess would take him. He can start blowing Euros on european jerseys with advertiser logos bigger than the team name.

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