Silent Metal Ode to Nowitzki’s Hair


You are vhat I calls a G-MILF.

I watched most of the Bulls vs. Mavs preseason game on NBAtv. Deng looks like he’s back to his old form. Kurt Thomas is a little too important to the Bulls with Boozer hurt. With so many new faces and a new coach and the injury to Booz, they’ll have to work very hard to stay in the top four in the East until they get their starting lineup working. But Dallas’s shining German star stole the show. Dirk’s got his flowing locks back in full effect. I mean that hair is good. I want to be friends with it. Dirk looks like the greatest guitarist in the history of the world, but there he is, stroking the jump shot and playing mean zone defense. I had Durant pegged as the favorite for the MVP, but now I’m leaning to Nowitzki’s full head of flaxen waxen. Wow.

In honor of my new favorite hair (up yours Ben Wallace), I have semi-plagiarized the following hardcore metal song from Kevin Smith.

Dirk is shooting basketsball.
Refs do want to making calls.
Dirk score before de ticking clock.
7 foot handlings rock.

Sig Hair!

Oh, and also the game is going into overtime. More time to dig that crazy mop.


2 Responses to “Silent Metal Ode to Nowitzki’s Hair”

  1. pmadavi Says:

    Did he just say, “Dirk is shooting basketsball, Berserker?”

  2. jpalumbo Says:

    Stops copies me!

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